4 Things You Must Know Before Going for a Hair Treatment

Hair treatment has evolved over the centuries. Back in the days when herbs and oils would suffice a person’s hair styling needs, things were much simpler as no one really gave a deeper thought to the science behind it. However, the modern day hair treatment is nothing like the olden days. People are concerned about each and every aspect of their hair health.

When you make an appointment for a hair spa visit, there are some important and useful things that you should know beforehand. In this way, your stylists won’t be able to charge you any extra money. Normally, hair experts who try to make a fool out of unlearned customers will take advantage of such situations and charge you extra amounts for unneeded services. However, we do things a bit differently here at PHS HairScience.

Things to Know
It’s not rocket science when it comes to hair health. Simple understanding of hair health can keep you from being fooled at the salon (Read 3 Most Common myths, busted). Here are the things you should know:

1. Highlights are Not Always Necessary
You will find people who go for highlights every time they get their hair done. The reality is that you really don’t need it every time. In fact, sometimes it is better to just leave your hair without highlights. In this way, you are reducing the chances of over processing of hair as well as any risks of over lapping. Needless to mention, that it saves you a bit of money as well.

2. A Mix of Cheap and Expensive Products is Fine
This is a crucial element especially for scalp treatment. Sometimes, hair stylists would try and get in all of the most expensive products together. The truth is that it isn’t really necessary. It normally happens that hair salons use a range of products from a brand and therefore they try to use all of the expensive items on you. It is therefore better to ask for cheaper alternatives before the treatment.

3. Trimming Doesn’t Speed Up Hair Growth
You might well be surprised to learn about this one. It is one of the common myths about hair that trimming speeds up your hair growth where essentially it is just a delusion. If your hair expert says that trimming will help your hair grow faster, do not believe them.

The truth is that whenever you are faced with split ends and weaker strands, your hair do not grow in length because of the curls. However, cutting those split ends allows your hair to grow in a straight line once again which has no relation with hair growth speed.

4. Daily Shampoo is Not Needed for Curly Hair
You won’t find any experts suggesting daily shampoos but some hair stylists might tell you to shampoo daily if your hair are curly and wavy. To be frank, there is not too much of a difference between curly and straight hair apart from the looks. Both are equally healthy. There is nothing to worry about if you have curls.