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More ways to make 2018 look and feel awesome? We know how.


awesome 2018

You are not alone if you have already forgotten to take better care of yourself. Once you get back to the reality of work, school, house chores, bills, deadlines or all of the above, that New Year’s resolution often ends up on the floor and gets swept away like the confetti at a countdown party.

Your self-reflections in 2017 may have inspired self-care resolutions for 2018. However, you are now back to stressing about next week’s to-do-list, maybe even wondering if you shampooed your hair in the shower. While you face some of life’s matters head-on, you may be letting other details take the fall. For many, that means neglecting a top issue of self-care – hair loss.

Even celebrities with their armies of stylists can be prone to this. Supermodel, multi-millionaire mogul and founder of America’s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks opened up about her alopecia. It is a hair loss condition that affects the scalp due to factors such as stress. Imagine what that means for your own stressful life?

We often take our tresses for granted until it’s too late. By the time it hits you, as you stare at too many strands floating away in the shower or face the mirror looking somewhat different up top, you wonder how your hair vanished overnight. The truth is, it didn’t. Substantial hair loss is a gradual process that is hard to keep track of especially when hair fall is a natural process.

Thankfully, there are some solutions that aid in protecting your crowning glory.

Off the top, what causes hair loss?

Hair loss refers to a condition whereby hair falls off from the scalp prematurely before completing its hair growth cycle. It can be due to various factors: a hormonal imbalance, hair follicles that are sensitive to or overwhelmed by dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hereditary or medical condition, stress, an imbalanced diet, aging and the lack of proper scalp and hair care.

Arguably, it could happen to anyone at any time in their lives. So, what can you do to prevent it?

Heads up! Look for the signs.


Hair-thinning happen when each individual strand of hair gets finer and thinner with each hair growth cycle.  If left unaddressed, this will eventually lead to hair loss. The lack of hair-brushing may cause tangles and snarls that cause breakage and result in more hair loss. Even an overly tight ponytail may yank out small groups of follicles. So be aware and be gentle. If your shower drainage is collecting clumps of hair, it is time to take action.

Bald spots

Hair fall comes prior to significant bald spots. Even though hair fall is a natural process that allows new hair growth, assessing your hair on a regular basis will help identify if you are losing more than an average amount. If your bedroom pillow, living room couch or office chair backrest is becoming a collection point when you rest your head, or a receding hairline is making its debut, pay special attention to the next few sections!

Professional treatments to combat hair loss.

The critical component in hair growth is your scalp. It’s where follicles generate new hair growth. If it’s not healthy, hydrated and cleansed, it will affect your hair growth cycle in the long-run.

Scalp massages are a good way to enhance blood circulation for a naturally healthy scalp, but the results only show after a long duration. Professional scalp treatments help quicken this process, letting you see results in as little as half the time.

The PHS HAIRSCIENCE® MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION (MSCS) is one such scalp treatment. It contains a high concentration of essential growth factors, minerals, proteins and vitamins to stimulate the stem cells in hair follicles, achieving healthy and thick hair growth.

Home care solutions to help deter hair loss.

awesome 2018You can actually kick start hair loss prevention at home. For men, try the all-natural, two-part system, PHS HAIRSCIENCE® HOM Thickening Shampoo. It is a scalp-cleansing shampoo that aims to effectively cleanse hair, remove dirt as well as excessive sebum and repair density.

awesome 2018

Ladies, there’s something for you too. Prevent thinning, and ultimately hair loss, with a combination of PHS HAIRSCIENCE® FEM Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner, for proteins and growth factors to achieve thicker and fuller hair.

For more severe cases of hair loss, such as a receding hairline or significant bald spots, consider a complimentary scalp analysis by visiting PHS HAIRSCIENCE®. Trichologist-trained experts are there to help you understand your specific hair loss causes, and in turn find the most suitable solution for you.

PHS HAIRSCIENCE® truly believes that the key to empowering confidence and quality of life is through the power of science and nature,to create sustainable beauty miracles.

If hair loss is in your horizon, try the latest PHS HAIRSCIENCE® range of haircare products that include:

Even if 2018 proves to be stressful, you can hold your head of hair up high, knowing that you kept your resolution.