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Miracle Oil Treatment uses the strong hydrating properties of the mysterious South African Miro plant to effectively replenish moisture and nutrients, balance water and oil, improve roughness and restore shine to dull, dry and unruly hair.

Our unique application method (Oil + Water = Balm) maintains the efficacy of our proprietary Miracle Oil and enhances its absorption by the hair. Combined with state-of-the-art equipment, the treatment instantly improves hair softness, smoothness and shine.

100% Natural & Silicone-Free



‘I could see that there was an immediate improvement in my hair after the treatment – it looked moisturised, less frizzy, shinier, and even softer!’
– Winky Lui


‘I am quite happy that my hair feels softer not only immediately after the treatment, but also for a while afterwards.’
– Khairunnisa Sarmidi Putri

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‘The application of miracle oil itself – I could feel it nourishing my hair and saw how it immediately made my tresses very smooth and detangled.‘
– Alicia