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    HOM Stem C Ampoule


    (29 customer reviews)

    Cutting-edge blend of cell signalling proteins, growth factors and DHT blockers work synergistically to help men control severe hair loss and thinning, and to kickstart new, healthy hair growth.


    3ml x 30

    Suitable For:

    Male Severe/Prolonged Hair Loss and Thinning

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    A cutting-edge blend of cell signalling proteins, growth factors and DHT blockers work synergistically to help men control severe hair loss and thinning, and to kickstart new, healthy hair growth. Dormant follicle stem cells are regenerated and hair follicles are energised to normalise the hair growth cycle and control hair loss. Hair density is improved for a fuller-looking mane. Comes in 3ml x 30 size.

    • Regenerates dormant follicle stem cells
    • Normalises hair growth cycle to control hair loss
    • Improves hair density and blocks DHT formation to prevent thinning

    Key Ingredients:

    Cell Signalling Proteins

    • Initiate cell growth cycle
    • Signals follicle stem cells

    Oleanolic Acid

    • Activates follicles stem cell regeneration
    • Blocks DHT formation


    • Increases anchoring power
    • Prevent hair fall

    No Parabens | No Benzophenone | No Mineral Oil | No Artificial Colourants

    Remove ampoule cap and attach applicator. Section hair and squeeze applicator to dispense solution onto scalp. Gently massage scalp with fingertips to distribute the solution. Leave on. Use daily.

    PHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ HOM Stem C Ampoule Daily RegimePHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ HOM Stem C Ampoule Weekly Treatment

    Total 29 reviews for HOM Stem C Ampoule

    1. Rashid

      Great product as always. Effective after using it for 3 months as i definitely can see much better hair growth.

    2. Rbayy

      Really love this product. Noticeable reduced hair loss and better scalp condition after about a month of using it. Will recommend it definitely.

    3. Xavier Z

      Hair feels fresh and smells really great!

    4. jfsin

      Used daily after shower in the evening. Applied the drops on scalp easier to use with the tool attached. Felt the effect after roughly a week. One obvious sign is lesser hairs stuck at the shower drain.

    5. guolin

      I feel that after using the product my scalp feels more refreshed and seems that my hair dropped less.

    6. Lyzanthony

      Lesser hair loss when use concurrently with its shampoo. Quite effective compared to other hair loss products.

    7. mark.tai5dac4121de79d

      Application is easy and after use leaves the hair feeling light and fresh. Hair loss is reduced and hair felt thicker.

    8. eugene328

      Fruity smelling ampoule used with the shampoo. No obvious result in thickening of hair but some results in hair loss reduction. Need to use longer for better review.

    9. Manfred89

      After a 1 week trial I feel PHS HAIRSCIENCE will help in improving my hair growth as I apply daily before sleep. I managed to take a photo before and after how my hair growth condition and it is good.

    10. Lohwl2000

      Easy to apply on hair after shampoo. Nice fragrance and aids in maintaining hair health without much hair fall.Easy to apply on hair after shampoo. Nice fragrance and aids in maintaining hair health without much hair fall.

    11. alvin.neo5cdde6671d391

      Nice peachy smell! Apply on hair after shampoo. Feels refreshing and fast absorption into scalp. No sticky residue and sticky feeling. Slightly minty feeling. Most important of all can feel lesser hair loss after the third application.

    12. IceMD

      Very easy to use though the metal caps can be tricky to remove at times. Feels cooling and good on scalp and does not sting. Did notice lesser hair fall however will probably need more time to see if the effect is long lasting.

    13. William78

      This ampoule gives my hair a long-lasting fresh feeling. Applied right after shampooing. I noticed lesser hair fall after a week which I’m really impressed by. However I wish the bottle design can be improved for easier application (e.g. spray type).

    14. markgktan

      Reduced hair shedding and healthier hair growth! It is light, non-greasy and gets absorbed quickly into the scalp! I am happy to report that I am seeing and feeling a healthier scalp today and less hair fall on my pillow!

    15. M.s.Tay87

      The ampoule do worked for my hair. Together with the thickening shampoo, I feel my hair is strengthened. There is a decrease in hair fall during shower. Product absorbs quickly by my scalp. Does not leave out stickiness on scalp. Application method is easy.

    16. Willkool25

      Tried out the ampoule for a week, used it after shampooing. Followed the instructions by using the ampoule on different section of my scalp just applied 3 drops on different parts of the section and massage them evenly onto my scalp. It has a pleasant, light peachy scent. Use of the ampoule is simple and does not leave any unpleasant feeling into the scalp. Do see results of my hair growing thicker after using for a week.

    17. guolin

      After shower using this product is great. Together with the shampoo I feel my scalp is feeling better and hope that hair loss can be reduced.

    18. Hotcroquettes

      Product is easy to apply. Just put on the applicator and you’re good to go. Hair loss is visibly reduced after 1 week of use.

    19. pimplesboy

      Personally tried and no more smelly oily and itchy scalp. My scalp feel fresh especially with the current humid weather. Hair fall seems to have decreased.

    20. Jwongzy

      The ampoule applicator is a manual applicator where you squeeze a rubber bung to express the liquid. Would be better if it could be aerosolised. Overall after using for 1 week I do feel my hair being healthier there’s lesser hair fall and hair feels stronger.

    21. SSSgt2542

      Ampoule is easy to apply and smells good. Hair feels less greasy and healthier after applying for a week. Will continue to use to see results.

    22. Kakav87

      The ampoule have a positive outcome on my scalp. Scalp feels less itchy and less red bumps. And improvement in hair fall. There is less hair falling after shower. Positive impact on overall hair loss.

    23. yewdes

      The ampoule comes with the applicator which makes it easy to use. Feels smooth and comfortable to the scalp very easy to use and apply!

    24. jfsin

      Amazing product have been using more then a week. Hair loss obviously become better. The smell is OK, hair is smooth after use.

    25. aditya

      I have used this Ampoule for a week; daily and I am hopeful that hair fall will reduce. The Ampoule too has a good fruity type fragrance. Hair feel smooth after applying it. The Ampoule is easy to apply and is a leave in. Does not feel sticky.

    26. Elvintan

      This products is very good. After using it I don’t find a lot of hair on my shower drain or in the room. First ever product I’ve ever encountered that can maintain my hair in good quality condition.

    27. nikeshpatil

      I noticed this really improves the volume and thickness of my thin hair. It doesn’t make my hair greasy either and doesn’t dry it out. Easy to apply. This gives the thicker hair that I desire while easing some of the anxiety associated with hair loss.

    28. Rickyleong

      After shampoo I used the ampoule as stated. 2 weeks of usage and I can see baby hair growing.

    29. timothy.chan5e027d40d35f0

      The product has a nice and neutral smell. It isn’t sticky and feels very light on the scalp.Very easy to apply. After finishing the ampoules hair looks thicker.

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