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    FEM Stem C Ampoule


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    Cutting-edge blend of cell signalling proteins, growth factors and DHT blockers that work synergistically to help women control severe hair loss and thinning, and to kickstart new, healthy hair growth.

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    A cutting-edge blend of cell signalling proteins, growth factors and DHT blockers work synergistically to help women control severe hair loss and thinning, and to kickstart new, healthy hair growth. Dormant follicle stem cells are regenerated and hair follicles are energised to normalise the hair growth cycle and control hair loss. Hair density is improved for a fuller-looking mane. Comes in 3ml x 30 size.

    • Regenerates dormant follicle stem cells
    • Normalises hair growth cycle to control hair loss
    • Improves hair density to prevent thinning

    Key Ingredients:

    Cell Signalling Proteins

    • Initiate cell growth cycle
    • Signals follicle stem cells

    Oleanolic Acid

    • Activates follicles stem cell regeneration
    • Blocks DHT formation


    • Increases anchoring power
    • Prevent hair fall

    No Parabens | No Benzophenone | No Mineral Oil | No Artificial Colourants

    Remove ampoule cap and attach applicator. Section hair and squeeze applicator to dispense solution onto scalp. Gently massage scalp with fingertips to distribute the solution. Leave on. Use daily.

    PHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ FEM Stem C Ampoule Daily RegimePHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ FEM Stem C Ampoule Weekly Treatment

    Total 40 reviews for FEM Stem C Ampoule

    1. Kayla28

      Tried this product. It was amazing cause I have thinning hair and after using this I think my hair is became thicker and my hair fall reduced. Would be recommending this.

    2. Janicechew86

      Like the scent of the ampoule. The application is easy; just rub on the area where you feel there is less hair and will be absorbed quickly without an oily residue. I feel my scalp is healthier overall although don’t see obvious hair growth in just one week. Will continue to use and monitor.

    3. Momoruth

      I always have issues of oily scalp and hair loss unfortunately. After using this I could see the gradual changes. First my scalp is not that oily. Hair loss has decreased. And my hair is soft and radiant! Love it!

    4. sinere

      I used it only for 6 days so it’s hard to see significant impact. I feel that my hair breaks less in the week of using it. Not too sure whats the reason however I feel my scalp became oilier after applying the ampoule. Overall its a good product.

    5. christina.kwan

      Very nice scent. Hair feels so much better as compared to before. Dropped lesser hair. Thank you! 🙂

    6. Wclee_sg

      A week is too short to provide a fair assessment of the product. However I do like that it’s non-greasy hours after application. I’ve not noticed any visible improvement with respect to reduced hair fall. The packaging can be improved. It is quite difficult to open the cap and I even scraped my skin trying to open it.

    7. R Thanigaiyaayini

      Hair feels thicker and hair and scalp feel healthier. Lesser hair breakage and definitely lesser hair fall as compared to before.

    8. z45728

      The product has a very good fragrance and is very easy to apply with its applicator. However my scalp has started to break out after I applied the product – so need to monitor.

    9. nofearlily123

      The product is easy to apply. It has a fruity fragrance and calming effect. I can save money on my essential oils and replace with this . It did help with my hair loss when used together with the shampoo. My scalp is less oily but my hair is more shiny.

    10. Annette.en.Joy

      My hair used to drop alot whenever I run my fingers through them however after using the ampoule my hair fall reduce significantly. The ampoule is not sticky or oily and very easy to apply. After applying the is also a very cooling sensation on thw scalp. Happy to see that it helps to make my roots stronger and reduce hair fall.

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