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    FEM Stem C Ampoule


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    Cutting-edge blend of cell signalling proteins, growth factors and DHT blockers that work synergistically to help women control severe hair loss and thinning, and to kickstart new, healthy hair growth.


    3ml x 30

    Suitable For:

    Female Severe/Prolonged Hair Loss and Thinning

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    A cutting-edge blend of cell signalling proteins, growth factors and DHT blockers work synergistically to help women control severe hair loss and thinning, and to kickstart new, healthy hair growth. Dormant follicle stem cells are regenerated and hair follicles are energised to normalise the hair growth cycle and control hair loss. Hair density is improved for a fuller-looking mane. Comes in 3ml x 30 size.

    • Regenerates dormant follicle stem cells
    • Normalises hair growth cycle to control hair loss
    • Improves hair density to prevent thinning

    Key Ingredients:

    Cell Signalling Proteins

    • Initiate cell growth cycle
    • Signals follicle stem cells

    Oleanolic Acid

    • Activates follicles stem cell regeneration
    • Blocks DHT formation


    • Increases anchoring power
    • Prevent hair fall

    No Parabens | No Benzophenone | No Mineral Oil | No Artificial Colourants

    Remove ampoule cap and attach applicator. Section hair and squeeze applicator to dispense solution onto scalp. Gently massage scalp with fingertips to distribute the solution. Leave on. Use daily.

    PHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ FEM Stem C Ampoule Daily RegimePHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ FEM Stem C Ampoule Weekly Treatment

    40 reviews for FEM Stem C Ampoule

    1. jompjomp

      This is perfect for mummies who have been suffering from hair fall postpartum. Your scalp will be less visible after the first wash with ampoules application. Definitely will enhance your confidence. Its has a cooling effects after use. Everything is good except the ampoule bottle is hard to unseal with aluminium casing.

    2. Soen

      Just a little harder squeeze and you risk have the product overflowing onto your face/ear. However I do like this particular ampoule as it seems more gentle on my scalp than the other brands that I have tried. Unlike other brands which typically feel like there is a high alcohol content in their product This ampoule feels mild and quickly absorbs into my scalp. There were no strong smell either.

    3. cammpupot

      One word. Amazing! A week of daily use significantly reduced my hair fall and eliminated flakes and dandruff. The packaging is so cute as it comes with an easy-to-use applicator that can be attached to a single ampoule hence the rest will remain sealed until use. In my case one ampoule is good for two usages. It has a very subtle scent (to none at all) and it doesn’t leave any undesirable feeling on the scalp.

    4. Lcd08

      This ampoule is easy to apply and has a slightly minty fragrance. It is fast absorbing to my scalp. After applying for 1 week i do notice my hair grows longer faster and less hair drop. My scalp feels non-oily nor itchy. It is able to keep my scalp clean for the whole day.

    5. Michqin27

      Scalp became less oily and itchy. Lesser hair drop too. Hair became more voluminous and not limpy. Look forward to buying this product to prolong and to maintain healthy hair and scalp.

    6. Bellegourmand

      Have not seen major changes after using a bottle. But maybe it takes some time. Hair is definitely thicker when used in conjunction with the shampoo maybe it’s one of those products that require a bit more time to work.

    7. inaniti

      The PHS HAIRSCIENCE Ampoule comes with an applicator which makes it easy for me to apply it directly to the roots. It has a ‘dry-oil’ texture which means it moisturiseS my oily scalp without making it worse. It doesn’t have a distinct smell and that is pleasant IMO. I cannot comment on it reducing hair loss but for such feat it needs time and I have been using it for slightly less than a week.

    8. cyanideniko

      I used this after the PHS FEM Thickening Shampoo – the ampoule was very difficult to open unfortunately! I understand the need to seal the product well but opening the ampoule itself was quite the challenge.It’s easy to apply the product though and it feels refreshing on the scalp as well. The product also has little to no fragrance just like the shampoo – which is great for people who don’t want fragrances in their products but feels odd to me because I’m more used to having the products I use smell good. My hair feels a little drier than usual after using it though so people who have dry hair might want to take note of this! I did notice much less hairfall though so I can say this helps for sure.

    9. tan.ting

      This product is easy to apply and doesn’t leave any sticky feel. I can’t tell if it helps in hair growth over the short tryout period. Used together with the shampoo and my hair loss can be observed to decrease significantly.

    10. Wisely

      Had not been very successful removing the metal seal on each of the ampoules. Application of the amploules is a breeze though. Did not see significant thickening of the hair after 1 week’s use. But definitely witnessed less hair loss. Will buy the shampoo for the hubby to use.

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