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    ADV Soothe Calming Gel 50ml


    (11 customer reviews)

    Immediate relief and long-term care for scalp irritation symptoms like itchiness, redness, tingling or tightness.



    Suitable For:

    Dry & Sensitive Scalp

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    Use this topical gel as and when needed for immediate relief and long-term care for scalp irritation symptoms like itchiness, redness, tingling or tightness. The soothing formula also forms a protective barrier and protects the scalp against potential irritants, such as UV rays and pollutants. Comes in 50ml.

    • Instantly relieves scalp discomfort
    • Long-lasting care against scalp irritation
    • Protects scalp from potential irritants

    Key Ingredients:

    Chameleon Plant Extract

    • Detoxifies and eliminate impurities
    • Anti-inflammatory

    Green Tea Leaf Extract

    • Powerful antioxidant to prevent scalp ageing
    • Natural DHT blocker


    • Forms protective barrier
    • Aids moisture retention

    No Parabens | No Benzophenone | No Mineral Oil | No Artificial Colourants

    Apply gel on washed and towel-dried scalp. Apply on affected areas when needed. Leave on.

    PHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ ADV Soothe Calming Gel Daily RegimePHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ ADV Soothe Calming Gel Weekly Treatment

    Total 11 reviews for ADV Soothe Calming Gel 50ml

    1. Yiru

      ADV soothing shampoo is light and good for people with sensitive scalp like me. It is gentle enough and it doesn’t irritate my scalp. After using the shampoo, I would apply ADV calming gel on the scalp. It’s doesn’t irritate my scalp at all, and it leaves a cooling feeling on my scalp, which is very refreshing. I always like products that are gentle and mild, and this suits me just well.

    2. cancan

      Super excited to try this. Come with a Large huge color box. I’m super excited once again. After I open (thou is a little dusty and cause me to sneeze) but the size of the shampoo and hair gel was generous! I have just try it once and in love with the smell and whole day the smell stay on my hair and my scalp was light , clean with mild oil which I feel happy about it. I requested for this is becos it was at a high price range and I always wanted to try. Which now I know why it cost slightly high…

    3. Polishedvictoria

      Was pleasantly surprised when I received the soothing shampoo and gel as it came in a vibrant pretty box with sweet scented dried flowers. The shampoo was a great tool as a ‘wake me up’ due to its zesty scent and left a fun minty sensation upon contact with my scalp. It definitely left my scalp feeling great with reduced sensitivity! As for the soothing gel, it absorbed quickly and has helped to soothe my scalp as the name suggested. Great products!

    4. Felly

      Not a fan of the scent in the shampoo and it lingers throughout the day.. however love the cooling effect. The soothing gel doesn’t have much effect I have a very sensitive scalp which causes it to be itchy at times. Combination of the shampoo and gel helps sooth the scalp a little but the effect is only temporary. After I dry my hair, the effect doesn’t stay on. Probably like 30 mins after applying the gel.

    5. Doshshirl

      After using, I find that my scalp started itching at night. Perhaps it didn’t suit me. But I love the scent and how well it lathers.

    6. Clo_ver

      I recieved samples for the PHS sensitive scalp range- the shampoo and the calming gel. However I do not have scalp irritation issues at the moment, therefore I wouldn’t be a good reviewer for this product. The scent is very botanical. I passed the product to my sister who has sensitive scalp, and at the moment is experiencing itchiness and related issues with dandruff. She is pleased that the product is able to help to relief the itchiness. However, this is only a one week mark, we will need more time in order to give a thorough review. Good first impression.

    7. Triciapple

      Love the scent and also the cooling effect after using!

    8. kkmichealvictor

      I like the pleasant smell very much! Cooling & refreshing after washing my hair with the shampoo. For the calming gel wise, doesn’t feel any difference with hair lotion that I was using, but good smell indeed.

    9. WendyT

      Love the fragrance. Usually hesitant to try new hair products due to the fear of making my scalp oily but luckily these doesn’t.

    10. dreamworks84

      Feels refreshing after my first wash and application.

    11. Ping

      Really fall in love with the shampoo after apply it. Feel fresh after used it. Never feel itchy on the scalp after wash with the shampoo. The leave in scalp treatment also make my scalp feel fresh.

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