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    Double Cleanse

    PHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ Double Cleanse

    A two-step power cleansing designed to eliminate unwanted dirt, sebum, sweat and styling residue without stripping the scalp of its protective natural oils. This simple ritual prevents hair follicle blockage, rebalances the scalp, enhances micro-circulation and improves the scalp’s natural resistance against infections.

    Step 1: Start with the ADV Nutrition Shampoo. Suitable for all scalp types, this daily deep cleanser thoroughly removes surface grime and oil, leaving the scalp purified and hair roots perfectly clean.

    Step 2: Follow immediately with a second PHS HAIRSCIENCE® correcting shampoo to treat specific concerns like Hair Loss, Greying, Dandruff, Sensitivity or dry, Damaged Hair and to protect the scalp. With 16 shampoos to choose from, there’s something for every hair or scalp concern.

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