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How Working from Home is the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Your Hair



With the Circuit Breaker extended till June 1 and professional hair services considered non-essential, you may start to wonder what to do about your hair. After all, life goes on and you’re still “seeing” tonnes of people –working from home and attending regular video conferences, Facetiming with friends and family, flirting via video dates and not to mention increased social media postings. There’s still a need to look professional and put-together!

Here are 5 benefits of working from home and some tips on what you can do to achieve hair perfection during this time.

double cleansing

1. You have plenty of time to do your entire hair care regime

No more excuses! You know that you should be double cleansing your scalp every time you shampoo and treating your scalp with a nourishing tonic daily to replenish vital nutrients. Well, now is the time to put all of that into action. Knowing what products to use is only the first step. If you want healthy hair growth and a thick, enviable mane, you have to take the time to do the whole daily regime! Your colleagues are definitely going to see the difference IRL once you’re back in the office.

ADV Detangling Spray

2. You can master hairstyling tricks and techniques

Remember lunch breaks, coffee breaks, bathroom breaks? Peak hour traffic and long, painful work commutes? Now you can use those pockets of time to try out those exceptional hairstyling tips that you’ve been bookmarking. Check out some of our leave-in treatments and styling wonders while you’re at it. Ease knots and unruliness with the super popular ADV Detangling Spray, achieve a glossy, frizz-free finish with the ADV Smooth Straightening Fix or redefine your curls with the ADV Bouncy Curl Fix.

hair care products

3. You can maximise the efficacy of your hair care products

Are you guilty of rinsing off conditioner after just a minute because you’re too impatient to wait? Hastily patting on scalp tonic or hair leave-in treatment instead of taking the time to properly massage the product in as advised, so as to reap its full benefits? We’ve all been there. Without all the rushing around that we’re accustomed to, take the chance to really work the product into your hair ends or scalp – a scalp massage with just your fingertips especially is an easy way to boost circulation and enhance production absorption.

scalp exfoliation

4. You can do pampering treatments in the comfort of your own home

Boost your weekly hair care regime with a scalp exfoliation using our star product, ADV Elixir. The potent serum keeps the scalp free of unhealthy build-up and impurities, and primes it for optimal absorption of subsequent treatment products. And if you’ve tried for yourself how our luxurious hair masks can instantly improve hair shine, smoothness and natural body, try the ADV Soothe Moisture Scalp Mask as well. A lifesaver for dry, sensitive scalps, this hydrating mask comforts and nourishes normal scalp types as well, replenishing lost moisture, easing itchiness and preventing flare-ups.


5. You can pick up new care tips

Get to know your favourite hair care and skincare brands! Many companies, PHS HAIRSCIENCE included, have social media platforms chocked full of useful care tips that never get old! Visit us @phshairscience to revisit expert tips and cool advice on how to achieve happy, healthy hair.