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How to Take Care of Your Hair when Travelling


hair care when travelling

Unlike other days, keeping hair fresh and healthy while travelling can be a challenge. You could be travelling to places with an entirely different weather condition. If it is only a weekend getaway, it is recommended to get a hair spa a day before you leave to condition and protect your scalp and hair. Also, do carry products that serve multiple purposes, like argan oil.

Protect from sun damage

Research your destination well to know the weather climate. If it’s going to be hot, do note that the sun can damage the scalp and leave the hair lifeless. One of the solutions is to carry a hat and a scarf so that the rays of the sun do not fall directly on your hair. Natural hair oil like argan oil provide the required moisture and protect the scalp like the ADV Argan Oil. People with a sensitive scalp should use a quality exfoliator, for instance, the ADV Pre-Treatment Scalp Elixir. Lastly, avoid heat styling at every cost.

Tie your hair up

Managing the hair is important if you want to keep it healthy while travelling. Keeping the hair loose can increase exposure and attract dirt and dust. Instead, tie it up in a funky bun or braid it. Do not forget to carry important hair accessories like clips and bobby pins. They not only help you tie your hair up, but also achieve stylish hairdos.

Pack the right hair care products

Hair care is a constant process, and missing it even for a few days can wreak havoc on your tresses. Carry all your favorite travel essentials, including shampoos, conditioners, cleansers, and exfoliators on the trip. Argan oil can protect hair from salty/chlorinated water. Before going into the water, just slather your hair with argan oil. Make sure that the products you choose are full of natural ingredients. PHS Hairscience is a premium Singaporean brand of hair care products that are paraben, mineral oil and animal product free. While selecting your hair care products, look for reviews online and make sure there aren’t any harsh ingredients.

Get a travel set for hair nourishment

Travel sets don’t require you to worry about what hair products to carry and are easy to pack as well. Do not skip the hair nourishment regime even if you have got a hair spa a couple of days back. You can either pack an exfoliator with the regular shampoo-conditioner combination, or get a special travel kit.

The ADV Nutrition Travel Set consists of a pre-treatment scalp elixir, scalp cleanser, conditioner, and scalp tonic. Scalp tonics are perfect for travel as they revitalize the scalp, and can be used every day without rinsing.

Carry your hair loss kit

For those struggling with hair loss, packing a hair loss kit while travelling is necessary. A typical hair loss travel kit consists of pre-treatment scalp cleanser and exfoliator, hair loss shampoo and a scalp tonic. Hair loss travel sets from PHS Hairscience come with specialized hair loss tonics with ingredients to extend period of hair growth. A major cause of hair loss is poor brushing as well. The FEM Hair Loss Travel Set for women and the HOM Hair Loss Travel Set for men both comes with hair brushes.