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How to Protect Hair against Heat Damage


protect hair against heat damage

Straighteners and curlers might give you the best of looks when it comes to hair styling, but regular use of heat to style your hair takes a toll on us. Heat damage happens when the temperature is too high for your hair to take, and as a result, the hair shaft breaks. Before using heat to style, assess the level of your hair’s softness, elasticity, and texture. Here are a few tips on how you can protect your tresses from heat damage and how to treat damaged hair.

How much heat damages our hair?

Even the healthiest of hair types can start to experience damage at 450F. However, even while styling with temperature below this mark depends on the amount of damage that your hair has already undergone. The settings should always be medium to low for first-timers. Make sure that your flat or curling irons do have accurate gauges for temperature. Another important thing to keep in mind is whether they are from a reputable brand and of professional quality. Finer hair should always be styled using the lowest setting possible.

Readying your hair for styling

Start with minimal heat and assess how your hair reacts. Preparing the hair for heat styling can be done by frequent deep conditioning and moisturizing. Opt for a botanicals-enriched formula, like the ADV Argan Conditioner which contains moisturizing qualities and nourishes your hair down to the cuticles. Before heating, you should deep condition your hair with protein-based products. You can follow up with olive oil and use a leave-in heat protectant. Never apply heat to wet hair as it can damage the cuticle layer permanently.

Points to keep in mind when using irons everyday

  1. If you use styling irons daily, regular shampoos are not enough. Get a range of professional products, right from shampoos and conditioners to cleansers and creams and lotions for post-styling care. The leave-in ADV Argan Shampoo from PHS Hairscience works with botanical extracts and is a dedicated product for damaged hair.
  2. Go for frequent hair and inflamed scalp treatments to undo the damage that regular hair styling is doing on your hair. Such professional treatments use equipment and technology that are able to target into deeper layers.
  3. When using a flat iron, never keep it still. This helps prevent any burning and breaking. Also, never take blow dryers or iron too close to the scalp.
  4. Always apply hair protectants while your hair is still wet, so that they are distributed evenly throughout. Follow up by combing the hair gently using a wide-toothed comb. In fact, people into regular heat styling should altogether refrain from using metallic combs.

If you still end up with badly damaged hair, including frizziness, split ends and lack of luster, consider going for a restorative therapy. PHS Hairscience offers Miracle Oil Therapy, a hair treatment that restores protein from the hair cuticles, bringing back lustre and shine!