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How to Conceal Thinning Hair for Men


Male hair loss is an increasingly common problem, with increasing stress at work, less sleep and wrecked diets. Scalp treatments can address the problems of depleting hair quality and weak follicles that causes hair fall. While getting your scalp and hair treatments, here are some ways you can conceal your thinning hair and put up a confident face.

Getting a haircut that conceals thinning hair well

Thinning hair or not, haircuts are indispensable. But the right style can provide effective illusions of better and fuller hair. Never let the hair grow longer on the sides and the back, because it accentuates the lack of it on the head, and only makes the thinning more obvious. Getting it cut for uniform scalp exposure everywhere and it makes the thinning top much less evident.

Textured hairstyles that give you the option of a messy top also provide the much needed coverage to conceal. For people that have sharp facial features or a strong head shape, shaving the head for a completely bald look is also a good idea.

Use facial hair to balance the lack

People have successfully used moderate amounts of facial hair to take the attention away from a thinning top. Neatly trimmed beards or the casual door knocker style is an efficient way to provide a uniform density of hair both on the face and the head. It also creates a nice visual balance and conceals the fact that the hair on the head is thinning.

What products to use

If you have a sparse crop of hair, the first thing you need to stop doing is use hair products that cause hair to clump together. This can actually make your hair look thinner than it is. Instead, start using shampoos that are targeted for hair loss. You can try using the HOM Hair Loss Shampoo from PHS Hairscience. Hair polishes can also be used. When applied to thinning areas, hair polishes can give off the illusion of fuller hair.

Do special treatments work?

Having to conceal hair loss is only a temporary fix. To reverse hair loss, the DSR program by PHS Hairscience is a unique inflamed scalp treatment process that can help you forget the headache of having to conceal thinning hair. Book an appointment with our experts to find out more via a complimentary analysis.