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How To Blow Dry Your Hair Like a Pro


blow dry like pro

Blow dry your hair like a pro

Giving yourself a great blowout at home and looking like you came straight out from the salon can be challenging! We understand the woes of what feels like having three arms to reach the back of your head and having to deal with a dryer that starts to feel like a 12lb dumbbell throughout the process. Basically, #thestruggleisreal.

The benefits of a good blow dried hair are aplenty! However, if done the right way, not only can it help keep the locks shiny, but also improve style and structure. The perfect blow out is a lot like a great jazz song: soft, smooth, perfectly executed and with just enough volume. It should seem effortless, when in reality it’s anything but that! These 5 easy hair-saving tips will cut down on your mirror time and deliver salon-level results.

Wash with a moisturizing shampoo

Shampooing with a moisturizing shampoo helps achieve better results when blow-drying. Extra moisture will keep the strong action of the blow-dryer from robbing your hair off of moisture. Get a salon-quality shampoo, like the ADV Argan Oil Shampoo, which provides vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Hair spa provides moisture for the long term.

Towel dry the right way

Don’t even think about bringing heat anywhere near your hair before you get excess, dripping moisture out first. But go gentle on your hair. After washing the hair, gently wrap the towel around it and squeeze. Followed by using a wide tooth comb and gently detangle your hair, then use your towel to blot dry starting at the scalp and working your way down to the ends.

Protection is vital

Before a brush comes anywhere near your head, it is recommended to use a prep spray. This will help prevent frizz, particularly if you have fine or limp hair and want a bit of volume. Choose a prep spray based on your hair’s needs. All of them provide heat protection, as well as benefits like volumizing, hydrating or detangling. Try the ADV Detangling Spray based on the sunflower extracts, wheat germ and rose essential oil which also protects the hair from injuring of UVA-UVB, leaving it smooth and silky.

 Using the right brush

Stay away from stiff, plastic bristle thermal brushes because they get too hot and cause frizz and ineffective smoothing. More importantly, they can lead to hair damage. For your shiny hair effect, run a light serum or a couple of drops of Argan oil through strands before brushing down the length on bamboo based brush.

Don’t worry about the back

To get a bouncy shape, take the front section of your hair on one side and pull it straight out in front of your nose. Put the brush on top of the hair and roll it down the hair section.  Heat up the section from underneath until it’s dry while rolling the brush up and away from the face. Use that technique on both sides and on vertical sections in front of the ears. This gives a bit of volume at the root and can help add shape at the front of the face