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How These 5 Celebrities Maintain Beautiful Hair


celebrity hair

Stars and celebrities just seem to be blessed with great hair. From Bond girl Halle Berry to the charismatic Angelina Jolie, these people seem to get their hair game right almost always. Well, perfect hair isn’t that far away.

A few practices and products, like regular hair spa and massaging Argan oil, are common to celebrities with great hair. Read on to know how these 5 celebrities maintain beautiful hair.

1. Alicia Keys, actress and singer

Known for wearing her hair in braids, the hugely popular songwriter washes her hair once in every three days and recommends the same for women that want great hair as too frequent washing can strip off natural oils from the hair and scalp.

For regular hair protection and moisturizing, she recommends using a serum when wearing the hair straight. To provide moisture to the follicles, use a hair tonic without mineral oils or parabens such as the ADV Nutrition Scalp Tonic from PHS Hairscience.

2. Catherine Zeta Jones, Hollywood actress

The 46 year-old star is famous for her ever-youthful face and hair. She believes that hydration is of utmost importance in which she owes her luscious locks to washing her hair with beer. Yes you read it right, beer.

Rather than complicated DIY methods to get nutrients from other food and beverages, opt for carefully formulated professional home-care trichology for hydration such as the ADV Hydration Cream.

3. Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

The royal lady is famous for her grown-out fringe, bounce and gloss of her hair. She divulges that using a good-quality blow-dryer is essential. Kate’s stylist, Richard Ward, recommends washing greasy hair regularly and is strictly against using too much hair products.

Ward uses Argan oil as a serum for Kate’s hair. Simply apply it in your hair by rubbing it onto your palms and apply it upon flipping the hair upside down. We recommend the ADV Argan Oil Shampoo that is filled with Argan Oil goodness.

4. Kate Winslet, Hollywood actress, Academy Award Winner

The mother of three is renowned for her voluptuous body and healthy hair. Not only does she brush her hair twice a day to remove dust and dirt, she uses mild shampoos to wash her hair too! Kate Winslet also advocates the use of hair oil for regular massages and recommends cutting one’s hair at least four times a year!

5. Vanessa Hudgens, actress and singer

Vanessa Hudgens follows a four-step schedule to tame her naturally curly hair by washing her hair with a moisturizing shampoo and follows the conditioning with a detangling spray. To do the same, you can use the ADV Nutrition Scalp Cleanser and the ADV Detangling Spray which contains sunflower extracts and rose oil.

It is not impossible to get locks like your favorite celebrity’s hair. It, however, takes time and effort. Make it a point to get professional hair and scalp treatments for timely hydration and nutrition.

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