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How Pregnancy is Connected to Your Hair Health


pregnancy hair health

Along with other considerable changes in a mother’s health, change of hair health is also a crucial element during pregnancy. However, it is something that may be overlooked and even unnoticed through these trying times.

Having said so, knowledge is power and understanding how you can care for your hair can save you from hair loss and also help you gain more confidence and control over your body.

In this article, we talk about the dos and don’ts for your hair health in times of pregnancy. These are simple tricks to always keep in mind!

Why Hair Health Changes During Pregnancy?

A typical hair growth cycle has three stages ­— growing, resting and shredding. An average person can lose about 80 to 150 strands a day. It is pretty normal as new hair grow back. For pregnant women, the hormone production rate is accelerated. This is why, you hair roots get that extra nourishment during these times and they stay on your scalp and many have said they noticed faster hair growth.

According to studies, hair strands even tend to get thicker during pregnancy!

What to Do with Hair During Pregnancy

We will now see the fundamental dos and don’ts for the 9 months.

No Chemicals

Keep your hair away from any type of chemicals. Although these are words everyone should try living by, but it is especially so during pregnancy. There is a slight debate on the issue but some studies suggest that chemicals can be absorbed in your scalp and into your blood flow thus reaching your fetus and affecting its health. With little understanding of the chemicals put in hair coloring or styling treatments, we advise against taking any chances at all. Doctors suggest that it is more likely to happen to people with irritated scalps especially.

Use Natural Dyes

For those who are concerned about grey hair/aging looks and hair coloring is an essential must, doctors suggest that they should use natural dyes rather than the artificial ones. They suggest henna is a good option to get your hair colored.

General Treatment

There is not much you have to change for general hair treatment. You can continue to use the same shampoo, conditioners and also blow-dry your hair. If you wish to take on any other hair treatments, it is better to consult your doctor or a certified trichologist (hair and inflamed scalp treatment expert) beforehand.

Be Prepared

As mentioned, your hair tends to be longer and fuller during pregnancy, a symptom that many mummies out there are happy about too! Post pregnancy, your hair will be back to their original cycle where they shed at a quicker rate and hair loss may then be a concern. So keep to these good habits and prevent hair loss early!