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Hairstyles that will make you look younger


Hair can make or break your style. A large extent of how good you look depends on the quality of your hair and your hairstyle. Celebrities carefully experiment with hairstyles to keep looking younger over the years. These are hairstyles that accentuate the youthful elements of your face. Follow up your hair loss treatment with one of these hairstyles and turn back a few years. Here are some hairstyles that will have you look much younger.

The right kind of bangs

Bangs can easily take a few years off your age. There are several different kinds of bangs, including the Korean bangs that have been trending. This involves thin, wispy bangs that are see through, exposing just a bit of your forehead. Other types of bangs include subtle layering, by keeping them longer towards the sides.

Center parted hair

For square or a rounded face shapes, a center-parted hair is a good option. Even otherwise, this style is sure to take years off your face. However, the key is to do it a little asymmetrically. You can also try a zigzag style parting to take attention off the face.

The short pixie

If you have had prominent and sharp facial features, a short pixie can highlight them well. Women all over the world experiment with different versions of the pixie styles to look younger.

The grown out bob

If you having thinning hair, this hairstyle is for you. This short hairstyle brings a modern, carefree feel to your face and its blunt ends that are not layered can make your hair seem fuller and thicker. Let your short bob grow out until it reaches halfway down between the chin and the shoulder. Keep the bob short towards the back.

Brown-dyed, medium length hair

It is wrongly believed that post 50, women cannot wear hair beyond their chin. This goes really well with naturally brunette hair. For women that don’t have brunette hair, this would be actually a good chance. Avoid the repetitive blonde or the unnatural extra dark shade and go for a chestnut or Auburn shade.

Romantic Waves

Stop taming your curls with flat irons. Free-flowing curls can make you look much younger. However, the trick with romantic waves is the right length and loose curls. Gentle waves can even out the angularity and give you your look a feminine touch.

The high ponytail

This style is suited the most to women with long hair. It brings a triangular quality to your face. While young, your face looks like an inverted triangle. Aging inverts the triangle right back, pulling the cheeks down. The high ponytail, then, recreates the appearance of the original triangle.

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