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Hair Myth Investigation: What you know wrong


hair myth investigation

With all the content on the web, there are many sources of misleading information and click baits. Now we know that Singaporeans are fairly educated and knowledgeable people but with all these false information available online and hearsays of grandmother tales passed on for generations, we tend to believe in some myths with zero scientific basis.

Unraveling the Mystery

To help you learn about the most common myths about hair and the real science behind them, we compiled this list of some common hair myths you may have heard from your mother or your grandma. Be prepared to learn how wrong they were and why.

Trimming Doesn’t Help Hair Grow Longer

Ask any of your friends about hair not growing long enough and they will respond with something like “Try cutting them down” or “trim them” etc. The fact is, none of it helps your hair to grow longer. Growth has to do with the scalp not the ends. Hair experts suggest inflamed scalp treatment may activate your cells and trigger faster hair growth.

The only reason why hair stylists suggest trimming every two months is that when you trim off frayed ends, it gives our hair a much better shape and volume making them look healthier.

Cold Water Doesn’t Contribute to Shine

Cold water shower is pretty much a need especially if you live in Singapore. However, it doesn’t help your hair with more shine at all. As we dig deep into the science behind it, cold water doesn’t remove enough oils and grease as compared to hot water. Therefore, you hair appear shinier. However, it’s a disadvantage in a way because your hair don’t get properly washed. Therefore, instead of just a cold water shower, it is better to use conditioners with botanical ingredients for the shine!

Surprise! You can continue with your current Shampoo

We all have heard that a shampoo loses its effects if continuously used in the long run. And yes, it is a myth. However here’s our secret: Switch between different shampoos especially when targeting a particular hair condition, such as dandruff or dry scalp. Alternate between your normal cleansing shampoo and a shampoo targeted for your hair condition works best to treat and keep your hair in tip-top condition.

Scissors work Best for Split Ends

You will find hundreds of products dedicated for split ends. Some of them can be effective in restoring the damaged ends but for the quickest fix to get rid of them completely, snip it. In addition to no more split ends, it will also give your hair more strength.

You Were Combing them Wrong the Whole Time

When your hair are wet or even if they are not, we tend to comb our hair from the roots to the tips. However, it causes hair breakage especially with wet hair. Therefore, when your hair is wet, comb them in the opposite direction i.e. from bottom to top. You may need a special designed hair brush for it but the results will be much better.