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Hair Hacks to Voluminous Hair


voluminous hair hacks

Everybody has had days when they have had to cancel going out just because of dull and lifeless hair. Hair that lies flat and has greasy roots can indeed be a problem for your self-confidence.” In such emergency situations, no amount of volumizing spray or shampoo seems to work. It’s true—volume starts at the root. And it really does matter what treatment you work on your scalp. Here’s some hair hacks to volumizing your hair instantly.

Using sunglasses as headband

Headbands have been a hairstyle for centuries, so it’s hard to call them a trend. Their appeal is that they work on all hair types; no one can really mess the look up. With a little bit of creativity and styling, you can improvise your sunglasses as your headband as well.  Tips on the quick hack: Pull the front section to the back with your sunglass, and then push forward and loosen it a little. Let your hair stay in this position until drying and see the volume for yourself.

Flat-ironing differently

The common way of flat ironing actually takes away the volume of your hair. For extra oomph, after you have blow-dried, hold sections of the hair firmly, and run the flat iron in an upward motion over the strands. The upward motion instead of the more commonly preferred downward one provides volume instantly.  It also creates soft, natural volume at the roots and is perfect for revamping your style in between shampoos.

Changing parting style

Switching the parting of your hair is one of the best ways to impart instant bounce to your hair. You could be used to parting your hair on one side only hence after years of alignment, it may cause your hair to be flat and limp. By parting it deep towards the opposite side, this will give you a brand new look for the day.

Using baking soda

You might have never guessed baking soda could be used as a volumizer but it is an excellent volumizer. Baking soda is a good alternative to clarifying shampoo and it efficiently removes any build-up in your scalp. Sprinkle a little into the parting and on any other area and distribute it evenly throughout the scalp. You can even mix it with water and spray the solution on to the hair using a spray bottle. Follow up with blow-drying in the opposite direction & Voilà!

Applying conditioner on the ends

The right use of the conditioner goes a long way in achieving perfect hair. Do not use too much of it at the roots. This not only leads to product build-up, but weighs your hair down, taking away the volume. Instead, apply it only at the hair ends. In case of knots, follow conditioning with shampooing so all residues are washed off. Always remember to use a brush with soft bristles.

Power of hair treatment

Do not belittle the power of hair treatment. Hair spa is not only a highly beneficial scalp treatment but can impart strength and volume to the hair quickly. Though you would need a couple of hours before you step out, it is worth the effort. Hair spa strengthens hair follicles and nourishes the scalp. For long-term results, try visiting a professional hair spa such as PHS Hairscience who provides a state-of-the-art spa and salon facilities. Give your hair a treat now!