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    What is Scalp Primer used for?



    Scalp Exfoliation is the Best Thing You Can Do for Beautiful Hair. Here’s Why.

    When we first launched ADV Elixir, scalp exfoliation was still a foreign concept to many. Fast forward to 2020, we now know that keeping scalp skin clean and free of follicle-clogging impurities is the most important thing anyone can do for enviably shiny, swishy hair. And that’s true regardless of hair type or scalp condition.

    Which brings us to why the revolutionary ADV Elixir is still the go-to for effective scalp exfoliation.

    Unlike scalp scrubs, ADV Elixir is a unique, non-abrasive serum that is effective on all scalp types, and gentle enough even for sensitive scalps. Simply apply a few drops evenly on the scalp once a week, wait 10 minutes, shampoo as usual and voila! Feel the difference immediately with a fresh scalp, unclogged pores and super clean, easy-to-manage hair.


    So why is scalp exfoliation good for hair?

    That’s because the scalp has a higher density of hair follicles, sweat glands and sebaceous glands than any other part of the body. Plus, the scalp is a hot bed for harmful bacteria that feed off the excess sebum, sweat and grime that accumulate daily, especially in Singapore’s relentlessly hot and humid weather.

    When you find your scalp itchy, flaky or red and inflamed, that’s the first sign that something is not right. If left untreated, scalp disorders like dandruff, itchiness, acne and inflammation can deteriorate and result in severe problems like infection, follicle damage and even hair loss.

    Just like how the skin looks best when it’s well-hydrated and the pores are clean, the scalp is at its best with regular exfoliation and a good scalp care regime – and this is true even for those with no visible scalp troubles. A fresh scalp makes for happy, beautiful hair.




    Scalp exfoliation eliminates dandruff, helps hair loss and encourages hair growth

    When hair follicles are clogged by sebum, dandruff, styling residue or other impurities, the follicle shrinks. The number of hairs growing from the follicle – usually two to three on a healthy scalp – reduces and hair loss or thinning occurs. Once the scalp is damaged and deteriorates, it is incredibly hard (and expensive) to reverse the effects. We much prefer the preventive approach, which is focused on maintaining the natural health and beauty of the scalp and hair you were born with.

    ADV Elixir does just that. The miracle worker unclogs hair follicles and primes the scalp to better absorb vital nutrients and subsequent treatment benefits. It stimulates circulation, restores balance and boosts overall scalp health, thereby optimising scalp functions for strong, healthy hair growth.


    Where to get a scalp exfoliation?

    ADV Elixir can be used up to three times a week (for dandruff/oily scalp) as the first step of your weekly regime, all in the convenience of your own home. If you’re looking for a deeper cleansing and a more indulgent experience, book a first trial for our signature scalp treatment to experience a pampering session!


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