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    What is Hydrogen Care Cell Purification and How This Scalp Treatment Can Save Your Hair

    You can achieve a thick, glossy mane – hair that’s strong, smooth, healthy and full of life – even if you are currently experiencing scalp problems like dandruff, acne, itching or redness. The answer lies in treating scalp disorders early, before any irreparable damage has occurred, and in prevention.

    At PHS HAIRSCIENCE, we take scalp health very seriously. In our quest for scalp perfection, we have invested years of R&D into figuring out how we can nix scalp problems in the bud. That’s when we discovered the power of molecular hydrogen.

    The best hair treatment fixes the problem at source. The new and upgraded H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment (H2 ASRT) uses hydrogen care and a proprietary H2 Cell Repair Ampoule to treat common scalp disorders at the cellular level.

    Hydrogen as an antioxidant

    The Most Powerful Super Antioxidant in the World

    In our daily lives, we are constantly exposed to free radicals through the environment, pollution and lifestyle habits like smoking. Harmful free radicals result in oxidative stress and inflammation, which in turn can damage hair follicles. When that happens, scalp disorders such as imbalances, dandruff or accelerated ageing can occur. The hair growth cycle is disrupted, and hair loss or premature greying takes place.

    Knowing this, H2 ASRT is designed to deliver hydrogen deep into hair follicle cells to purge impurities and toxins from deep within. This powerful cellular purification eliminates all harmful free radicals to prevent any cell damage.

    Molecular hydrogen is uniquely suited for the job because it is incredibly selective, targeting only harmful free radicals and leaving beneficial reactive oxygen species alone. The molecules are also incredibly tiny. This makes it easy for hydrogen to access any part of the body to neutralise harmful free radicals, including areas where larger antioxidants cannot go. Plus, it’s completely safe with no side effects because hydrogen occurs naturally in the body.

    high concentrations of botanical essences

    Boost Cellular Health to Restore Scalp Health

    Once cell purification has occurred, the new H2 Cell Repair Ampoule comes into play. This potent cocktail of hydrogen, antioxidants, plant stem cells and botanical extracts speeds up cell repair and strengthens cell defence to improve cellular health and restore perfect scalp health. Hair follicle cells are recharged and rejuvenated, while improved blood circulation and cell detoxification help the efficient and effective delivery of important nutrients.

    h2 advance scalp repair treatment

    Visible Results After One Treatment

    Our treatment is now more in-depth and with better, longer lasting results. One session of H2 ASRT is all it takes for visible improvement to scalp health. The treatment helps to calm and soothe the scalp for immediate relief from inflammation and irritation. It also protects the scalp from future bacterial infections. You will leave with your scalp thoroughly cleansed and balanced, and better able to benefit from specialised home care such as hair loss shampoos or hair growth tonics. Scalp health will be restored to its optimal state and better able to support healthy hair growth.

    H2 ASRT is available in six variants: Dandruff Clear | Dry Scalp | Sensitive Scalp | Oily & Acne Prone Scalp | Combination Scalp | Anti-Ageing. Consult our hair experts today to find out which one is for you! Call 6692 0662 or visit any of our outlets.

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