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    Simple tips to keep your hair follicle healthy so you can prevent hair loss


    Hair plays a crucial role in our appearance, and definitely factors into our confidence when we are socialising. Hair represents our identity and we definitely feel better on a good hair day! However, with hair loss as an increasing problem, many women and men are devastated as they struggle to keep up with the beauty standards.


    What are hair follicles?

    Our skin has tiny, tunnel like structures called hair follicles. Although a hair strand is obvious from the skin’s surface, it actually extends into the scalp and includes the hair root and follicles. On the scalp alone, the average person has roughly 100,000 hair follicles. The hair follicles continue to regenerate new cells as it pushes out the old ones. In simple terms, hair follicles are best known for their ability to produce hair.


    Why is it important to keep your hair follicle healthy?

    There are various components and benefits of each hair follicle. It promotes hair development and provides your skin its barrier function. Hair follicles play an important role in the growth of your hair. Damaged hair follicles is one of the main reasons for hair loss or slower hair growth. They must be clean and maintained as blockage can result in scalp disorders like dandruff or other bacterial infections. When not treated with care, clogged follicles may stop growing hair altogether. Here are some tips to keep your hair follicles healthy:


    • Reduce heat styling as much as you can
      If your hair is thin, dry, or prone to breakage, try to avoid using blow dryers, hot curlers and other heated styling products as it can cause damage to your hair. Your hair may become weak or damaged from overheating.
    • Increase your vitamin consumption
      Your body needs specific vitamins and minerals to be healthy and strong. Vitamins and minerals are vital for cells to grow, replenish and function. Without vitamins, hair loss may occur.
    • Exfoliate
      Excess sebum, dirt, sweat and toxins accumulate daily on our scalp. Additionally, the hair on our heads makes it easier for debris to become trapped because it is tangled up in the hair and less able to shed on its own. Therefore, it is important to exfoliate.
    • Use PHS HAIRSCIENCE products
      Knowing your scalp type and using the appropriate hair loss remedies and treatments will help you stop hair loss. Hair loss can begin at a young age, and early detection can save your priceless locks. To stop and control hair loss and thinning, it’s crucial to take good care of your scalp on a daily basis.




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