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    Woman with oily and thinning hairline

    Thinning hair can be a major source of frustration for both women and men. Half of the women generally start noticing significant hair loss by the age of 50. But thinning hair is a problem that plagues women of all ages and often goes unnoticed. Reasons include heat styling, including curling and perming, hormonal issues, stress and a genetic predisposition to hair thinning. Some common solutions to this problem include concealing and lifestyle changes. However, hair experts recommend getting proper hair loss treatment for hair thinning. Read on to know some useful tips for women with thinning hair.

    different coloured hair extensions

    1. Conceal with fibers and extensions

    Concealing thinning hair is quite effective, although not a long-term solution. If your hair is experience more thinning than usual, and the scalp is clearly visible, you can go for hair fibers. These are pigmented fibers made of cellulose that bond to the hair and provide a thickening effect. The color also helps to camouflage visible parts of the scalp. Spray-on powders run the risk of looking artificial, especially if proper shade is not chosen. Unlike popular belief, extensions only add length, while women with hair thinning need coverage.

    hairdresser trimming hair

    2. Cut hair off strategically

    Chopping your tresses strategically and layering can help by giving off the illusion of bouncier and healthier hair. Go for a haircut, lop off inches and add smart layers. This is beneficial because even if you have thinning hair, it is not weighed down by extra inches and looks thicker. Have the layers concentrated around the face and have a full crop behind. You can also go for bangs, but ensure that the fringe is fuller by having them start further back on the head.

    FEM Fortify Bundle Kit for mild hair loss and thinning

    3. Use nourishing and volumizing products

    Proper hair loss treatment begins with the right products. Even though shampooing isn’t a long process, it can affect your scalp and the quality of your hair. It infuses the right nutrients which can promote hair growth and stabilize hair fall. We recommend the FEM Fortify Bundle Kit for hair loss control, comprising of a shampoo, conditioner, tonic and a scalp primer to kick off your home care regime.

    MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION treatment for hair loss

    4. Get proper scalp treatment

    Professionals suggest that a proper diet and botanical treatments. Topical treatments like minoxidil carry side-effects like itching and scalp redness. Proper scalp treatment should be undertaken for a permanent solution to hair thinning. Visit a professional hair specialist to get treatment that is designed especially for you. Make sure that your trichologist offers dedicated treatment for hair thinning. PHS HAIRSCIENCE offers such a facility, with state-of-the-art spa equipment and its unique hair loss treatment process, the MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION.

    woman combing wet hair

    5. Take good care of your tresses

    In addition to scalp treatment for thinning hair, you must also adopt healthy hair practices to avoid aggravating hair problems further. Women with thinning hair should avoid brushing and use the comb with the hair wet instead. When it comes to drying your hair, let it air dry instead of using towels or blow dryers. Avoid hairstyles like tight braids and weaves that pull hair back, making your hair follicles weaker.

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