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    Tips for Fighting Grey Hair

    grey hair curled by hair roller

    It’s a matter of fact that as we grow older, grey hairs start to set in. For most people, it doesn’t happen until much later in life, but for some, premature grey hair can happen quite early in their lives. We all know greying is natural however losing your natural hair colour can really knock out your confidence.

    This happens when the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for the colour of our hair, falls. Heredity is a major reason for hair greying. Whilst there’s no cure for going grey, we’ve got some great tips that’ll teach you how to stop grey hair setting in too soon.


    How to prevent grey hair

    Making certain lifestyle changes can help delay the greying of hair. Experts say that smoking can cause hair to look dull, discoloured, and brittle. Dyeing and bleaching should not be done excessively, and, if at all, with herbal dyes, at a trichologist facility. It is also important to use the right home hair care product. The award-winning AGE Defy Shampoo provides hydration and helps prevent scalp aging.

    What foods to eat?

    Incorporate important vitamins, along with minerals like iron and zinc, into your diet. Generally, deficiency of vitamin B-complex causes premature greying of hair. Blueberries, watermelon, wheat bread, eggs and nuts especially peanuts and sunflower seeds are some sources that are rich in vitamin B-complex.

    Salmon, tuna, avocado and pumpkin seeds are good sources of protein and omega-3 fatty acids which also aid in preventing premature greying. 

    Fun fact: Black strap molasses can even facilitate the production of melanin!

    rosemary and sage

    Natural Remedies

    Here are a couple of natural remedies to fight premature hair greying that have absolutely no side effects:

    Buttermilk Pack

    Blending of buttermilk and curry leaves is an age-old remedy for treating premature grey hair. Other than being an amazing source of probiotics that improves digestive health, it is also a rich source of lactic acid that acts as a natural condition for our hair. It increases the smoothness of hair and makes it more manageable. It also helps in preventing premature greying of hair.

    Rosemary and Sage Treatment

    Rosemary and sage are widely used for treating various skin and hair conditions. It works effectively in promoting hair growth and checks hair fall. In addition, it improves the pigmentation process of hair, thereby preventing premature hair greying. It also helps in treating dandruff and itchiness of the scalp. Sage also helps in preventing the premature greying of hair, and it’s a great alternative from counter products.

    Argan Oil

    Argan oil is also an effective solution to aging hair when used in combination with botanical based shampoo. It is important that your daily hair cleaner contains no sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), gluten, artificial colors, unpleasant additives, parabens and DEA. The nutrients in the argan oil encourage melanocytes to begin producing. The melanin protein is mainly responsible for your natural black pigment. Use a trichologist-certified variant, like the ADV Argan Oil Treatment, which contains various beneficial natural ingredients.

    anti-grey hair treatment

    Professional Treatment For Grey Hair

    If you are searching for a more effective solution, try out the unique anti-aging treatment that PHS HAIRSCIENCE offers. This non-invasive scalp treatment combats greying hair and sagging of scalp by effectively reactivating dormant and inactive follicle cells for hair regrowth and melanin production.

    Check out PHS HAIRSCIENCE for exclusive product and treatment promotions or feel free to speak to our hair and scalp experts today.

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