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    dandruff close up

    The Truth About Dandruff

    Dandruff is typically found in an oily scalp environment because the dandruff-causing fungus Malassezia feeds off the excess sebum. The presence of Malassezia triggers the over-production of skin cells in some people, and this abundance of skin cells clump together, falling off in sticky and white or yellow flakes.

    However, some individuals suffer from dandruff even when they do not have oily scalp. In those cases, the flakes that land on the shoulders are tiny, powdery and dry. Commonly also referred to as dandruff, is it though, really?

    The answer is yes. Dry dandruff is very real. However, it is a result of irritation caused by scalp dryness. In fact, those who are troubled by dry dandruff often also have dry skin on other parts of the body. When it comes to treating dry dandruff, the main objective is to moisturise the scalp and repair its protective barrier function so that it can naturally retain optimal hydration. Products or treatments used should also calm symptoms of irritation such as itchiness, redness and tenderness, and protect the scalp from further inflammation and future flare-ups.


    dandruff on shoulder


    Do you have dry dandruff? The ADV Soothe range for dry, sensitised scalps is your best bet. It alleviates itching and irritation, rehydrates the scalp and protects it from inflammation.

    However, if what you have is oily dandruff – you’ll notice larger, sometimes sticky flakes and hair roots that are easily greasy, flat and limp – your goal should be to regulate sebum production, in order to rebalance the scalp. In this case, reach for the ADV Purify range, which effectively eliminates dandruff flakes, eases itching and irritation, and leaves the scalp thoroughly cleansed, refreshed and feeling much healthier. You’ll also find your hair cleaner, more manageable and full of natural body!


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