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    woman drinking water for healthy hair

    Stay Hydrated To Prevent Hair Loss

    Water is very important to our human body. Our body is made up of 60% water and it uses water in all its cells, organs, and tissues to help regulate temperature and maintain other bodily functions — keeping us alive and healthy. But did you know that drinking more water can prevent hair loss and promote hair growth also? This is especially important for your hair follicles, which are the fastest growing tissue in the body.

    What Happens to Your Scalp When You Do Not Drink Enough Water?

    Your overall hydration level has a direct impact on your scalp. When lesser water goes to the scalp skin, it may cause any, or more, of the following conditions:

    1. Dry scalp
    2. Hair loss
    3. Hair thinning
    4. Hair strands become brittle
    5. Hair strands more prone to breakage
    6. Itchy and inflamed scalp
    7. Dandruff

    So, How Much Water is Enough?

    While it is recommended that we drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water (approximately 2 litres) daily. However, how much water we need varies from person to person. The most obvious way to see if we have been drinking enough water is to check the colour of our urine. Pale and clear indicates sufficient water in the body whereas a dark yellow indicates that it is time to down more water in your system.

    Other Ways to Keep Your Scalp Healthy to Prevent Hair Loss

    Besides drinking enough water daily, there are also other things which you can incorporate in your lifestyle for a head of beautiful, luscious and shiny hair.

    1. Go for Hair Treatments

    Depending on the condition of your hair, you may want to show your scalp some tender loving care by going for either a Dry Scalp Treatment or a Hair Loss Treatment.

    Woman doing Miracle Stem Cell Solution Treatment

    Miracle Stem Cell Solution for Hair Loss Treatment

    One of the side effects of dehydration is hair loss as there is lack of water to help with cells and tissues regeneration. If you are experiencing hair loss, PHS HAIRSCIENCE Miracle Stem Cell Solution is a non-invasive patented cell-signalling programme designed to combat hair loss and greying hair at a cellular level.

    Endorsed by many who had tried it and received positive results, this treatment contains growth factors and uses stem cell technology to effectively reactivate dormant and inactive follicle cells for hair regrowth and melanin production.

    PHS HAIRSCIENCE H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment for Dry Scalp Treatment

    This is an effective hair treatment to go for if you are having dry scalp and dandruff. The H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment uses molecular hydrogen to penetrate the scalp at deepest level to purify it, eliminate free radicals and reduce oxidative damage. The Hydrogen Repair ampoule used during the treatment is also a cocktail of hydrogen. Potent antioxidants to boost scalp repair, strengthen scalp defence and restore scalp health.

    You will leave with your scalp thoroughly cleansed, balanced and your scalp health restored to its optimal state.

    2. Use the Correct Shampoos for Your Hair Needs

    All shampoos are formulated and designed for different types of hairs, so it is important that you use the correct shampoo for your hair needs.

    Shampoo for Dry Scalp

    It is always recommended that you get a gentle and soothing shampoo with no strong chemicals and artificial colourant when you have dry scalp. Our recommendation is PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV Soothe Shampoo which is gentle scalp care cleanser. The shampoo is formulated with clinically proven botanicals, actives and barrier boosting ingredients for dry scalp. It helps to keep the scalp’s natural protective barrier intact and strengthen its natural defence against inflammation. Your scalp will definitely feel calmer and less irritated after use.

    Shampoo for Hair Loss

    We always recommend double cleansing if you are experiencing hair loss. The first cleanse is to get rid of any excess sebum, impurities, and toxins on your scalp so that it can absorb all incoming nutrients better and more effectively. The second cleanse is to use a good shampoo for hair loss to provide the essential nutrients and fortify the hair follicles to promote healthy hair regrowth. You can consider using PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV Nutrition Shampoo for the first cleanse and PHS HAIRSCIENCE FEM Fortify Shampoo to energise and rehabilitate the scalp to reduce hair fall.

    3. Apply Hair Tonic on a Regular Basis

    Hair tonics deliver vital nutrients to the scalp to nourish it. If you are experiencing hair loss, you will want to choose one that also helps to strengthen the hair roots, such as PHS HAIRSCIENCE FEM Fortify Tonic, which will reduce hair fall. Hair follicles are reinvigorated to support healthy scalp and natural hair growth. This helps to keep hair fuller-looking for longer period of time.

    You are Not Alone

    If you are unsure what is causing your dry scalp or need a professional opinion about your increased hair fall, we are here for you! Come for a free consultation with one of our professional hair and scalp care experts. They will assess and diagnose your scalp condition and provide suggested treatment plans for beautiful and luscious hair. Book an appointment here with us here today.

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