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    Science-Based Hair Loss Treatment for Men and Women

    When it comes to hair loss, nothing works better than prevention. Treat your scalp right on a daily basis to maintain its health and keep disorders and premature thinning at bay. And once you notice excessive hair fall, you have to nip the problem in the bud. Take action today.

    Based on trichology and scientific studies, we understand that to boost and maintain healthy hair growth, the scalp needs to be in a prime condition. Scalp treatments aimed at nurturing hair follicles back to their normal growth function are essential and are the first key step to combating the different types of hair loss.

    Armed with 12 years of experience in hair loss treatments, PHS HAIRSCIENCE® has developed a proprietary programme that addresses scalp problems, treats hair loss symptoms and boosts hair growth. To date, we have administered more than 10,000 successful treatment programmes.

    PHS HAIRSCIENCE® has created treatment solutions based on 10 years of research and with the guidance of certified trichologists. We have also developed a comprehensive review process in our LABs in Singapore to enable customers to monitor their hair loss treatment progress and to ensure that results are delivered. To date, our hair loss treatments for men and women have demonstrated visible results in 3 to 6 months, depending on the individual.

    With more than 30 awards from beauty experts in Singapore, PHS HAIRSCIENCE has developed a successful treatment programme that effectively treats scalp ailments, so as to best help boost hair growth, control hair thinning, reduce hair fall and prevent hair loss.


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    Find out which type of hair loss you have.


    Hair thinning is characterised by individual hair strands losing density and diameter, causing hair to appear thin, limp or weak. Seek out proper treatment to prevent this from developing into permanent loss of hair. Our female hair loss treatments address poor circulation to hair follicles and the effects of androgenic causes to control hair thinning and provide a long-term solution for thicker hair.


    Hair fall, which can be detected via excessive hair found on your pillow, hairbrush and shower drain, is the first major symptom of different forms of hair loss. Early detection is key in stopping hair loss as diminishing hair volume is typically only noticed after 30 percent of total hair has been lost. To prevent this, all our facilities in Singapore are equipped with state-of-the-art analysis tools to determine the type of hair loss. This allows us to customise the most effective hair loss treatments, for both females and males, to aid in hair loss prevention.


    Alopecia areata refers to hair loss that occurs in patches, and can appear as one or multiples spots of balding due to extensive hair fall or hair loss. Stress is known to be a key aggravator of alopecia areata. Alopecia areata treatment seeks to nurture the hair follicles back to optimum health so as to promote healthy hair growth.


    This is a more advanced stage of alopecia areata and involves hair loss on the entire area of the scalp. In such cases, we assess every customer’s individual situation carefully to ensure that they fully understand the condition and the limited effectiveness of hair loss treatments.


    This is known as male pattern baldness or female pattern hair loss and is the most common form of hair loss affecting adults. Male pattern hair loss is characterised by the receding of the hair line in an ‘M’ shape while female pattern hair loss is characterised by overall thinning of hair on the entire scalp. Also, unlike male pattern hair loss, female pattern hair loss does not typically lead to complete baldness. A key reason for this type of hair loss is the influence of male hormones on the hair follicles. After rigorous assessment to determine the specific type of hair loss, an effective hair loss treatment (for females and males) targeted at regulating the effect of the hormones on the hair follicles will be used to restore hair growth.


    This form of hair loss is caused by excessive physical stress on the hair follicles and is seen more commonly in females who subject their hair to excessive styling and over-typing. Hair growth treatment for this include making lifestyle changes to reduce stress on the follicles and boosting the scalp health to promote healthy hair growth functions.


    This hair loss is generally caused by drugs or other chemicals from medical treatments. In these cases, there is no guaranteed cure or treatment. That said, PHS HAIRSCIENCE® does have treatments designed to reduce the degree of hair fall or hair loss in this scenario by boosting nutrient supply to the scalp, improving micro-circulation and boosting hair follicle activity for healthy hair growth.


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    Selecting the most effective treatment for hair loss is dependent on first understanding the symptoms and underlying causes of your hair loss. Inaccurate diagnoses can result in ineffective hair loss treatments that yield little to no results.



    To prevent hair loss, it is necessary to be aware of your scalp type and to use the right products and treatments. Hair loss can start from a young age and early detection and commencement of hair loss treatments can make all the difference in saving your precious locks.

    Daily proper care of your scalp is important to prevent and control hair loss and thinning. Our FEM Range is specifically formulated with stem cells extract and patented ingredients to effectively curb hair loss.

    Users new to scalp care can start with our Signature Double Cleanse, which consists of ADV Nutrition Shampoo, our power cleanser for all scalp types, and the FEM Fortify Shampoo — our best-selling Hair Loss Shampoo. The FEM Fortify Shampoo is a preventive shampoo that cleanses effectively and strengthens hair follicles to prevent hair fall and thinning.


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    PHS HAIRSCIENCE® has the perfect male and female hair loss treatment in Singapore. Specially formulated and developed by Korean bioscientists, trichologists and dermatologists, patented Cell Signalling Technology targets natural scalp ageing and reduces hair loss and hair thinning – on a cellular level.

    MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION uses patented SigGrow™ cell signalling technology to awaken inactive and dormant follicle stem cells, aiding their self-regeneration to revive hair follicles, restore healthy hair growth cycles and hair regrowth.

    The MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION has been proven in independent lab studies to be 50% more effective in maximising the hair growth period, compared to a commonly prescribed hair loss drug. The secret lies in a potent cocktail of critical growth factors scientifically proven to be effective in reviving hair follicles.

    Results can typically be expected in as early as two months, and the 45-minute treatment is non-invasive with no side effects nor downtime.


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