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    BeWSH2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment Process

    Regular Scalp Treatments Can Prevent Scalp Flare-Ups and Delay Scalp Ageing: Here’s How

    In Singapore, where the climate is hot and humid through the year, scalp flare-ups are one of the most common hair problems. Some indicators of an unhealthy scalp are dandruff, brittle hair, a dry scalp or an oily scalp with acne. Certain lifestyle habits such as a high-sodium diet, smoking or excessive use of styling products can impact the health of your scalp. Over time, your pores may get clogged up and prevent healthy hair growth. This is also when scalp disorders like dandruff or oily hair start to develop.

    Enter scalp treatments in Singapore that target specific scalp conditions. An effective scalp treatment, like PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment which boasts science-based technology, natural botanical extracts and the super-antioxidant properties of molecular hydrogen, can help unclog hair pores and stimulate blood circulation vital for delivering nutrients essential for hair growth.

    Through detailed analysis and a highly personalized service, this signature scalp treatment from PHS HAIRSCIENCE  gives your scalp and hair a new lease of life in just 90 minutes. It also helps to restore your scalp health and extend the lifespan of your healthy locks.


    The Signature Scalp Treatment

    PHS HAIRSCIENCE scalp treatment reviews have consistently fared well amongst customers and beauty influencers. The H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment combines trichologist-endorsed hydro cleansing and a propriety H2 Cell Repair Ampoule to leave your scalp thoroughly cleansed, and your scalp health restored to its optimal state.


    What’s included in the treatment?

    Scalp Analysis during PHS HAIRSCIENCE Scalp Treatment

    Consultation and Scalp Scan

    PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment starts with a detailed consultation with a hair consultant.

    Using a scalp scan and with input of your lifestyle habits and hair history, the hair consultant is able to diagnose your scalp condition accurately to customise a treatment that addresses specific concerns.



    Our hair consultant will help prep your scalp by massaging it. This helps to stimulate blood circulation and which in turn promotes hair growth.


    Hydro Cleansing

    Using a custom hydrogen care machine, molecular Hydrogen penetrates at the deepest level to cleanse your scalp, eliminate free radicals and reduce oxidative damage.


    Scalp Mask

    Next, the scalp mask is being applied. This mask delivers nutrients directly through to the scalp to promote hair growth, stabilising hair and scalp condition.


    Light Therapy

    Proven to be highly effective in a range of scalp treatments, light therapy can help improve blood circulation, promote hair growth, prevent bacterial infection and slow down hair loss.


    Scalp Ampoule

    PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s H2 Cell Repair Ampoule—a cocktail of hydrogen and potent antioxidants—is applied with an acupressure massage. This works to ensure maximum scalp rejuvenation and promotes long term hair growth and scalp health.


    How often should I go for a scalp treatment?

    It is important to get your scalp checked and treated regularly in order to achieve healthy and luscious hair. The truth is, nothing beats a thorough scalp cleansing and massage performed by trusted hair experts.


    Scalp treatments are recommended once or twice a month. Having said that, if you are experiencing serious scalp conditions like dandruff, brittle hair or a damaged scalp, we recommend going for scalp treatments on a weekly basis.


    Book your first trial of PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment today or find out more about our other hair solutions developed and endorsed by trichologists.



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