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    PHS HAIRSCIENCE 15th Anniversary


    PHS HAIRSCIENCE Celebrates 15 Years of Bringing Hair Miracles to You


    Treating hair loss, scalp ageing, and other scalp problems with proven science

    PHS HAIRSCIENCE turns 15 this year, and in light of the challenges the pandemic has brought about, we’re taking the moment to really celebrate our milestones. In 2021, the newly-launched H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment gained quite a following, thanks to how rapidly it can improve scalp disorders and restore scalp and hair health. Our FEM Fortify range for female hair loss also saw a renewed spike in popularity, becoming our most sought-after range, because of its women-centric approach to nixing hair loss in the bud. And when it comes to scalp treatments that help hair regrowth in Singapore, nothing beats our flagship MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION for fast, proven results.


    As businesses or individuals, many of us have had to rapidly adapt to new norms, which is why we believe it’s important this year to give ourselves a pat on the back for successes, big and small.

    And since no celebration is complete without fantastic giveaways, and as a big thank you to our supporters, we have plenty in store for you! Read on for our 2021 highlights and to find out about promotions and prizes slated for our 15th anniversary celebrations!


    Woman having hair treatment in PHS HAIRSCIENCE outlet


    Molecular Hydrogen Treatment for Hair & Scalp

    Earlier this year, we launched the upgraded H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment (H2 ASRT), making the popular treatment even more powerful when it comes to treating common scalp problems including dandruff, oily scalp or scalp dryness, sensitive scalp, scalp acne, scalp ageing and combination scalp.


    Think of it as a state-of-the-art hair spa for itchy scalp – a symptom related to many of the aforementioned issues. H2 ASRT uses a potent cocktail of super antioxidants for cell purification, in order to treat scalp disorders at the cellular level.


    Now more in-depth and with better, longer lasting results, one session is all it takes for visible improvement to scalp health. The treatment helps to calm and soothe the scalp for immediate relief from inflammation and irritation, and protect the scalp from future bacterial infections. You will leave with your scalp thoroughly cleansed and balanced. Scalp health will be restored to its optimal state and better able to support healthy hair growth.



    Influencer @jopeonies:

    I visited PHS HAIRSCIENCE for the H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment, and it has since become my go-to hair treatment centre for pampering scalp treatments! I had a sensitive scalp and after just 2 sessions of H2 ASRT treatments, I noticed that my hair had less of a thinning issue! Not to mention, the consultant and staff were very friendly and professional. They are always making sure that I was comfortable throughout the whole session, and addressed every enquiry that I have. Looking forward to my next visit! 😊


    Mummy Influencer @daprayer:

    Recently completed my 4th H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment @phshairscience. Over the sessions, I got to understand more about my scalp health and condition. My scalp is generally more sensitive as it is thinner, and it tends to get dehydrated more easily. So I need to make sure I continue to use the right hair care products and hydrate myself more!

    Besides getting more educated on scalp health and understanding my scalp condition better, regular scalp treatments also help to cleanse and balance my scalp in terms of sensitivity and hydration. It allows my scalp to better reap the benefits of the hair care products I’m using and I can see more new hair growing during my most recent scalp scan!



    H2 ASRT caught the eye of beauty gurus over at Daily Vanity, and was awarded Best Scalp Treatment for both Editor’s Choice and Readers’ Choice in the Daily Vanity Spa & Hair Awards 2021!

    Promotion: So if you’re asking if scalp treatments are worth it, this one is, especially with our first-trial promotion of $38 (U.P. $297).




    Top-selling FEM Fortify range for female hair loss

    This year, FEM Fortify rose rapidly through the ranks to become our top-selling range. Specially formulated for women with mild hair loss and thinning hairline concerns, and for those who want to prevent premature or postpartum hair loss, FEM Fortify became a firm favourite for women who wanted an anti-hair loss solution that takes into account the intricacies of female hair loss, which manifests differently from male hair loss.

    The FEM Fortify Shampoo, Conditioner and Tonic work in tandem to help restore scalp health, reduce hair fall and control the loss of hair. Replenishing essential and vital nutrients, this range improves circulation and nourishes the scalp to help support healthy, natural hair growth.

    In particular, FEM Fortify gained a huge following with mummies who needed help to prevent or manage postpartum hair loss, and we’re happy that we’ve been able to help mothers feel more confident about themselves and better enjoy their time with their precious new babies!



    Mummy Influencer @naomineo_:

    What I really like about the FEM Fortify Daily Regime is how it cleanses and refreshes my scalp without causing my scalp skin to feel dry, unlike other haircare cleansers or hair loss products that I have tried previously. I noticed a lot less hair fall after using FEM Fortify products. On top of that, PHS HAIRSCIENCE products contain a high concentration of botanical essences and are free from harmful chemicals to help improve my scalp health and strengthen hair at the same time. I am really, really thankful that I finally found a haircare range suitable for my regularly-bleached hair and for managing postpartum hair loss effectively. Having healthy scalp is so important for having great hair, and taking care of my scalp will promote better hair growth.



    FEM Fortify continues to impress in 2021! Adding on to our list of accolades, FEM Fortify Shampoo won the Beauty Insider Awards 2021, and Best Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo in the Daily Vanity Awards 2021.

    Promotion: Visit our flagships on Shopee and Lazada to get your hands on exclusive FEM Fortify bundles. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and keep your eyes peeled for the hashtags #PHSAnniversary and #PHSTurns15 – you may just win a special FEM Fortify Regime bundle!


    PHS HAIRSCIENCE Miracle Stem Cell Solution - Hair Loss Treatment


    MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION for Hair Loss Control & Hair Regrowth

    We’re proud to say that as our flagship treatment for hair loss, MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION (MSCS) helped countless customers regain healthy, beautiful hair, not to mention their confidence. So it was fantastic news when the treatment won Best Express Treatment for Hairloss in the Her World Hair Awards 2021!


    MSCS targets mild to severe stages of male and female hair loss, and uses patented cell signalling technology to stimulate new hair growth, increase hair density, reduce hair loss and control hair thinning. Developed by bioscientists and trichologists, the multi-award-winning MSCS has been proven in independent lab studies to be 50% more effective in promoting hair growth, compared to a commonly prescribed drug for hair loss. The best part? It’s non-invasive, with no side effects and no downtime. Most importantly, results can be seen in as little as two months.


    Apart from tackling the very tricky problem of hair loss, MSCS is also an invigorating hair spa experience that rejuvenates scalp and hair and leaves you feeling refreshed. At just 45 minutes, it was designed for the hectic, modern lifestyle. No matter how busy you are, there’s just enough time to pop in for a treatment with fast, effective results.


    Says Her World Beauty Editor Vanessa Chia: “After this one treatment, I could see that my hair follicles looked clean and less clogged. My hair also felt softer and smoother, and this effect lasted for a couple of days.”



    Influencer @yennybow:

    All along, I thought my hair was fine. It’s long, and thick! But it’s NOT fine!

    My recent visit to @phshairscience at Ngee Ann City outlet revealed that my scalp is super gross! It’s inflamed, and looks flaky with scaly patches on the skin.

    I was recommended to do MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION (MSCS) and went ahead with the treatment.

    First, I got my hair washed using a hydro spray, which works to thoroughly cleanse hair follicles to maximise absorption of the active ingredients. Then, the powerful MSCS formulation was applied using an oxygen spray with supersonic speed, so as to deeply penetrate into my hair bulb. The treatment improves micro circulation, which works to reinvigorate cells, and restore scalp balance. It also oxygenates and repairs damaged cells to speed up the healing process and restore scalp health.



    For a limited time only, experience your first MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION anti-hair loss treatment at just $68 (U.P. $415).


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