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    2022 #Hairgoals: New Year, New Hair

    It’s time to hit refresh and look to a brand-new beginning. The start of a New Year is always filled with so much optimism and hope, and that cannot be truer than now, when all we want is to erase the dreaded C-word from our collective memory. So, what better way to shake off the old and the blues than to get a new, fresh hairdo? Take it one step further in 2022 with the haircare regime you deserve – nobody will take care of that hairline for you, it’s all on you. 😊



    Scalp Care is Self-Care

    No matter how snazzy the haircut is, it’s not going to look good unless your hair is healthy and in good condition. Fret not. It’s not that hard! Whether you have oily scalp, dandruff or are constantly dealing with an itchy, irritated scalp, or other hair woes, there’s an effective solution for you – backed by science, and with proven results. The must-have for 2022 is the iconic ADV Elixir, the cure-all scalp treatment for every scalp condition and hair problem. This golden serum does it all – it exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities to unclog hair follicles, reenergises the scalp to boost vital nutrient absorption, improves circulation and rebalances the scalp to support healthy hair growth. Plus, it’s a pro-grade treatment in a bottle, takes only an additional 10 minutes once a week, right in the comfort of your home. There’s a reason why ADV Elixir is the go-to scalp fixer for beauty gurus, influencers and editors!


    2022 Biggest Hair Trends

    Healthy scalp is the foundation of happy, beautiful hair. Once you’ve established a new scalp care regime, it’s time to decide on a hairstyle. Here are some of the biggest hair trends of 2022, according to the experts.


    Layered bobs

    The classic bob never gets old. The new rendition gets an update with layered ends, allowing for a looser, tousled look, rather than the favoured blunt bob of yesteryears. Fringe or no fringe, it doesn’t matter. The beauty of this bob is in its versatility. It looks good in various lengths and textures, and it’s super low maintenance. Flip over and blow dry at the roots if you want more volume, then run a round brush through and you’re good to go.


    90s Tendrils

    Simply put, these are wisps or thin sections of hair pulled out to frame the face. It’s super easy too. Tuck hair behind your ears and secure with bobby pins or hair product. Pull out a finger width section from each side to loosely frame your face. Up the chic factor by braiding or slicking tendrils down with a tiny bit of hairspray, so it looks more deliberate and less accidentally messy.


    High Shine

    Super long hair with a center-part is here to stay, and what you want now is a glossy, mirror-like smoothness and shine that screams luxury. While this look can be achieved with a high-heat flat iron that may fry your tresses, the kinder-to-your-hair way to do it is to layer frizz-taming products. Made for frizz-prone or straightened hair, ADV Smooth Shampoo retexturises the hair and helps with managing flyaways. Follow with ADV Smooth Hair Mask for good measure – this luxe hair mask never fails to leave hair with a salon sheen. After rinsing off, use ADV Detangling Spray on wet hair to loosen knots and tangles before blow drying. Finish with ADV Hydration Cream, which smooths any remaining hair frizz while imparting brilliant shine.


    Embrace Hair Accessories

    Accessories offer a great way to change up your look from day to day, and it’s a fun way to inject a pop of colour and brightness into your day. Scrunchies are here to stay, as are headbands are claw clips. From youthful to sophisticated, the array of hair accessories out there right now is mind-boggling. Braid a thin silky, scarf into your hair, dress up a bun with an extravagant scrunchie, or pick an ornate, beaded headband for a night out. The possibilities are endless. The most important thing about this trend is to have fun!


    ADV Elixir is now available in 30ml-size on PHS HAIRSCIENCE official stores on Shopee, Lazada and Zalora, and in 100ml-size. Use up to 3 times a week for normal to oily scalp, and once every 2 weeks for sensitive scalp.



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