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    PHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ Most effective anti-dandruff shampoo & hair care products in Singapore

    Most Effective Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Hair Products in Singapore

    Environmental stress, excessive styling and the wrong use of products such as an overly drying dandruff shampoo are some factors that can affect turn the scalp’s cell turnover rate, leading to unsightly dandruff, discomfort and even hair loss. Don’t live with embarrassing flakes on your shoulders all day. Take action now.



    Dandruff is caused by dead skin cells on the scalp. As skin cells die, a small amount of flaking is normal. Approximately 487,000 cells per cm2 are released normally after washing. However, there are those who experience an excessive amount of flaking, which could be the result of certain triggers like stress and fatigue. Up to 800,000 cells per cm2 could be released, accompanied by scalp redness and irritation. The severity of dandruff flaking may fluctuate with seasonal changes as it often worsens in Singapore’s humid climate and during wet weather conditions.

    That said, most cases of dandruff can be managed and treated with specialised treatments and proper home care products like an effective anti-dandruff shampoo that does not dry out the scalp.


    PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV Signature Daily Regime Set



    Eliminate flakes and oily scalp with our Signature Double Cleanse. This two-step power cleansing is designed to deep cleanse and eliminate unwanted dirt, excessive sebum, sweat and styling residue without stripping the scalp of its protective natural oils. The simple ritual prevents hair follicle blockage, rebalances the scalp, enhances micro-circulation and improves the scalp’s natural resistance against infections.

    Step 1: Start with the ADV Nutrition Shampoo. Suitable for all scalp types, this daily deep cleanser thoroughly removes surface grime and oil, leaving the scalp and hair perfectly clean and purified.

    Step 2: Follow with ADV Purify Shampoo (an award-winning dandruff shampoo containing active ingredients suitable for Singapore’s humid heat) to invigorate scalp, restore scalp balance and eliminate dandruff.

    A good cleansing regime preps oily scalp for further scalp and hair care benefits from the products in our Daily Regime. To maintain a dandruff-free scalp, use ADV Purify Tonic as part of your Daily Regime. Packed with powerful active ingredients and containing anti-microbial effects, the tonic helps to normalise scalp flora and cell turnover on the scalp over time, effectively eliminating flaking and preventing dandruff formulation.



    Our anti-dandruff treatment — the H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment rapidly and effectively eliminates even the most persistent dandruff, while improving scalp health and restoring balance to reduce dandruff and flaking, as well as protect the scalp. Visit any PHS HAIRSCIENCE® outlet to find out which treatment best suits your scalp type.


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