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    female hair dandruff


    Is Dandruff a Fungus?


    No, but it is largely caused by a naturally occurring fungus called Malassezia. In some individuals, the presence of this microbe disrupts natural skin cell renewal, triggering the over-production of skin cells. The excess skin cells clump together and fall off in the form of the white or pale yellow flakes we know as dandruff.


    Malassezia thrives in the presence of sebum, a naturally occurring substance secreted by scalp skin, which is why those with oilier scalps tend to be prone to dandruff. Along with the annoying and unsightly flakes, the scalp also gets irritated and can feel scaly, itchy or raw.

    Recent research also indicates the overwhelming presence of a bacteria, Staphylococcus capitis, on dandruff-affected scalps, which overturns theories that place the blame solely on the Malassezia fungus. Yes, dandruff may be a common problem but exactly why it occurs and how to cure it are questions that have to be answered by more research.

    female hair wash

    What does this mean for you if you are prone to dandruff? Good scalp hygiene is vital if you want to keep the flaking at bay! That means washing your hair every day, even if you’re only working from home. This way, your scalp is kept free of excessive sebum that microbes can feed off, thus preventing the formation of dandruff.

    Suffering from dandruff? Try our signature Double Cleanse. Start with ADV Nutrition Shampoo, a deep cleanser that removes dirt, oil, sweat and impurities. Follow immediately with ADV Purify Shampoo, which helps to regulate sebum production, rebalance the scalp, eliminate dandruff and calm scalp itchiness.

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