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How to Treat Hair Loss and Regain A Full Head of Healthy, Lustrous Tresses


And What Makes The MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION an Award-Winning Female Hair Loss Treatment in Singapore

Female hair loss treatment Singapore

If you’re pulling clumps of hair off your hairbrush and wondering why your parting seems to be widening each day, it’s time for an intervention. Female hair loss is nothing new – it’s only slightly less common than male hair loss – but the good news is, there are certainly more options these days for women seeking effective, targeted solutions to their hair thinning woes.

best shampoo for female hair loss

In terms of home care, it is wise to pick up a proper scalp regime that will help to control hair fall, improve scalp health so as to optimise hair growth cycles, and protect the scalp and hair against external damage. The best shampoo for female hair loss is one that is specially created for women, such as the FEM Fortify Shampoo or FEM Thickening Shampoo. That’s because male and female pattern hair loss manifest differently and can be caused by different reasons as well, such as pregnancy, hormonal upheavals, extreme stress and damage from overly frequent hair chemical processes such as colouring, straightening or perms.

For female hair loss treatments in Singapore, look no further than our flagship MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION treatment.

female hair loss treatment singapore

Developed by bioscientists, trichologists and medical specialists, MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION has been proven in independent lab studies to be 50 per cent more effective in maximising the hair growth period, compared to a commonly prescribed hair loss drug. Taking this astonishing data further, PHS HAIRSCIENCE® recently completed a review campaign with independent users. Over three months, these individuals who were new to the brand committed to 45-minute MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION treatments twice a week, and also embarked on our FEM Daily Regimes to properly care for their scalp. The results speak for themselves. Here’s what two of the reviewers had to say.

“My hair has more volume now and pores (hair follicles) on my scalp that were previously empty have baby hairs growing. Don’t give up on your hair and scalp, because there is hope with PHS HAIRSCIENCE.” – Calista, 30

 “I have seen a lot of improvement in my hair and scalp. There’s significant hair growth overall and even more so at my temples. Comparing to my scalp condition months ago, my hair parting is not as wide as before.” – Sheryl, 33

Customised to individual scalp conditions, needs and lifestyle preferences, MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION taps into your potential for healthy, new hair growth with the use of patented SigGrow™ cell signalling technology. Backed by cutting-edge stem cell science, this works to awaken inactive and formant follicle stem cells, aiding their self-regeneration to revive hair follicles, restore healthy hair growth cycles and hair regrowth. The treatment also delivers vital nutrients for robust hair growth.

MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION for hair loss is available in five variants to address specific stages of hair loss – Hair Thinning Control, Hair Loss Control, Patchy Hair Loss (Alopecia Areata) Control, Hair Thickening Regenerator and Hair Growth Regenerator. Experience it today with a special first-time promo price of $98 (U.P. $297)!