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    woman in a hot weather

    How to Prevent Hair Loss During the Hot, Humid Months

    There are many hair loss causes such as genetics, stress, and hormonal changes. But do you know that climate, especially hot and humid seasons, is a huge contributor to hair loss and hair thinning? Find out more on how to prevent hair loss.


    The science behind:

    Humidity generally holds no favour for the hair. Our hair has the ability to exchange water molecules with both moist and dry air. Hence, it reacts to humidity via molecular changes. These molecular changes cause our hair strands to swell and disrupt their hydrogen bonds when they start absorbing water molecules that are driven into the hair via the humid air. Since the proteins in our hair are not uniform, the hair strands will all react differently to the water molecule absorption which then lead to knotting, twisting, and bending which eventually result in frizzy hair and hair loss.

    Also, in hot and humid climates, the scalp tends to secrete more sebum. If the scalp is not thoroughly cleansed, it might lead to clogged pores and problems like hair loss and dandruff.

    While we are not able to control factors such as genetics and the weather, we are also thankful that there are several active steps we can do on our part to keep our hair strong and healthy. Let’s take a look below at 5 tips on how to prevent hair loss in the current hot and humid months.


    1. Make washing your hair daily part of your daily routine

    For some, washing your hair daily might seem counterintuitive as it could strip away its natural oils. Yet, expert trichologists, who have weighed in on this daily shampooing debate, are in favour of washing our hair daily for a healthy clean scalp to promote hair regrowth.

    This is especially so in the current hot and humid weather. A daily shampoo helps to unclog the pores of your scalp. It also get rid of all excess sebum, perspiration, and impurities. Think of your scalp like your face. You wash your face every day, sometimes twice a day. By doing so, it removes the dirt and impurities on your facial skin. Do the same for your scalp skin too!


    Shampoos we recommend:

    PHS HAIRSCIENCE FEM Fortify Shampoo

    This is an award-winning shampoo that energises and rehabilitates the scalp to reduce hair fall and provide hair follicles with essential nutrients and optimal health to fight hair thinning. Use it together with the PHS HAIRSCIENCE Nutrition Shampoo for a powerful double-cleanse to eliminate unhealthy build-up from sweat, dirt and excess sebum in the hair follicles while strengthening the scalp’s natural protective barrier. This helps to optimise the nutrients absorption by your scalp for healthy hair regrowth.

    PHS HAIRSCIENCE FEM Thickening Shampoo

    PHS HAIRSCIENCE FEM Thickening Shampoo

    If you are experiencing severe hair loss and hair thinning, use this scalp shampoo made of a powerful blend of active botanicals and complexes to make way for healthy hair regrowth.


    2. Keep your scalp healthy

    A healthy scalp is the key to a healthy luscious hair. Unfortunately, it is often the most neglected part of our body. We can apply as many hair treatments and hair masks but if we do not take care of the scalp, we are not going to reap 100% of the benefits.

    To keep our scalp healthy and nourished, incorporate a daily and weekly scalp care routine. First, apply your daily shampoo and conditioning. Next, apply a hair tonic to nourish your scalp. Tonics deliver nutrients to the scalp for lasting benefits. This tackles concerns such as hair loss, itchy scalp, dandruff, oily or sensitive scalp.

    We recommend PHS HAIRSCIENCE FEM Fortify Tonic that delivers essential nutrients to your scalp for resistance and balance. It Is a powerful treatment tonic to nourish and strengthen hair roots, thus reducing hair fall.

    On a weekly basis, use a scalp primer to exfoliate the scalp. Exfoliation helps to remove toxins build-up and impurities that clogs the pore. PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV Elixir is a powerful scalp primer that helps to enhance the scalp’s ability to absorb vital nutrients from subsequent scalp care products. Developed with certified trichologists and containing 70% concentration of active ingredients, this potent serum restores scalp health to support healthy regrowth for beautiful, luscious locks.


    3. Go for hair loss treatments

    What else can you do to combat hair loss and hair thinning in the hot weather? Go for a hair loss treatment at least once a month. There are many hair loss treatments in Singapore that you can choose from. The first to incorporate plant stem cells in Singapore, and that has clinically proven results? We recommend PHS HAIRSCIENCE Miracle Stem Cell Solution

    This hair loss treatment is a patented cell-signalling treatment designed to combat hair loss and greying at the cellular level. Backed by science and developed with Korean trichologists. The Miracle Stem Cell Solution contains growth factors and stem cell technology that effectively reactivates dormant and inactive follicle cells for hair regrowth and melanin production. This 45-minute effective and non-invasive scalp treatment may be the perfect solution for your hair loss and hair thinning concerns.


    4. Protect the scalp from UV rays

    Extended sun exposure is one of the hair loss causes as the scalp starts to lose its protective oils that prevent cellular damage. To protect the scalp from sun damage in the long run, it is best to wear a cap/ hat or wrap your head with a scarf when you are out in the hot sun, especially prolonged periods. You can also use hair products that defend the scalp and roots from the harsh UV exposure.


    5. Practice healthy lifestyle habits

    Have you ever noticed that your skin, hair, nails, and overall countenance glow and look healthy and radiant when you have sufficient rest, water, exercise, and nutrients in your body? Healthy lifestyle habits are the cornerstone to having healthy, luscious, and shiny hair.

    The most important nutrients our hair needs are iron, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin Bs (B2, B5, B6, B9, B12 and specifically biotin, B7), vitamins C and E, and essential fatty acids such as omega 3s and 6s. If you are lacking in any, include them in your dietary intake or seek your doctor/ dermatologist on the type of supplements that you can take to prevent hair loss and boosts hair regrowth.


    It can be alarming to see an increased amount of hair fall during hot and humid seasons. We are here to help if you require professional and expert diagnosis and treatments on how to prevent hair loss. Book a free consultation with our consultants here.

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