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    Lady stressing over her dry scalp

    How to Combat Dry Scalp in Winter

    Everyone experiences mild to moderate dry scalp at some point in time, but for some, it’s a chronic problem, especially those that are travelling to winter seasons. In countries like Europe and the United States, the climate can cause dry scalp or worsen an existing scalp condition. Our diet also plays a vital role in maintenance; make sure to eat food that is rich in fatty acids and drink plenty of water!

    Visible dry scalp flakes

    What Is Dry Scalp?

    Dry scalp is more prevalent in winter and is often marked by small white flakes caused by cold weather, excessive dry heat or diet. Symptoms of dry scalp may include some itching & tightness; your hair can also look lifeless, frizzy, dull and brittle. Sometimes, you will also find flakes of dead skin, like dandruff. This may sound confusing; however, a dry scalp is not necessarily a sign of dandruff. If dry scalp is left untreated, it will even cause hair loss.

    Lady in the midst of scalp exfoliation

    Pre-Wash Treatments for Scalp

    The key to properly shampooing a dry scalp is in the prepping stage. Massage your scalp with ADV Elixir before washing to remove buildup of oil, hair products and skin cells. It’s designed to lift away dirt and dust and distribute the natural oil from your scalp. Hair tonic also plays a vital role in moisturizing your scalp and locking-in that natural moisture balance. The ADV Nutrition Scalp Tonic provides nutrients and hydration to hair follicles, protects and prevents scalp from styling and environmental damages. Prolonged usage builds healthier hair while moisturizing and nourishing the hair and scalp.

    Natural Shampoo For Dry Scalp

    Natural ingredients have been proven to remove oil buildup, eliminate excessive dry skin hence gradually normalizing the scalp. Shampoo for itchy scalp like ADV Purify Shampoo is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal properties, combined with selected botanicals and protein, it helps to purify and fortify hair follicles. It contains anti-inflammatory properties which can also provide protection against severe flaking and redness on the scalp.

    Wooden comb with PHS HAIR SCIENCE Double Cleanse

    Use styling tools that are eco-friendly

    Revamping your hair care routine and products is not enough as eco-friendly styling tools are hair-friendly as well – more so in cold climates. Replace your plastic combs with ones that are made of wood or bone. Ceramic and boar-bristled brushes are recommended as it provides better static control and reduces scalp irritation and hair breakage.

    Scalp treatment Maintenance

    When travelling to a colder place, the focus shouldn’t only be on avoiding dryness and flaking. For those with seborrheic dermatitis, continuing scalp treatment is important. Otherwise, the ADV Soothing Scalp Cleanser enriched with plant botanicals, helps to moisturize the scalp while combating inflammation to soothe irritation and itchiness. However, it is best to seek professional scalp treatment to combat dry scalp.

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