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Hairstyles By The Decades


It is often said that life is too short to have boring hair. Truly indeed, hairstyles have defined people through the decades in the 20th century. While the 80s had some outrageous dos, like gypsy spikes or the now unpopular mullet, the 90s saw subtle styles.

The best thing about being open to trying new hairstyles is that it can help even when undergoing hair loss treatment. Check out some popular hairstyles of the recent past.

The 50s French Pleat

It is a classic hairstyle and can be got easily. Get some hair on the top of the head, separating it into three strands. Add hair into the right and left strands and finish off with a traditional braid upon reaching the nape. Before getting a French pleat/braid, use a little hair conditioner to prevent the hair from getting frizzy. If the problem persists, seek oily scalp treatment.

The 50s and 60s Pompadour

Now, the Pompadour is a historical hairstyle and was revived by rock and roll legend Elvis Presley. Predominantly a male hairstyle, this was also adopted by actresses like Miley Cyrus and Janelle Monae. To get the Pompadour, tease the hairline for extra volume, comb-over and secure in place. You can even back it up with a ponytail.

The 60s’ Inverted Bob

This hairstyle has recently returned, thanks to the sudden influx of retro symbols in our midst. The inverted bob is both elegant and modern and has several variations. Women are trying inverted bobs in glossy brown and even candy pink. Requiring short hair, this 50’s hairstyle can be tried even during a hair loss treatment.

Rage of the 60s—Mop Tops

Invented by The Beatles for convenience and to express a rebellious attitude, mop tops give one an endearing look. Trim the hair evenly all around so that it avoids the collarbone at the back. Use a pomade, blow drying downwards. However, avoid using the blow-dryer for long periods of time.

The Bouffant Bun of the 60s and 70s

Socialite and former First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis were among the first to sport this chic hairstyle. The Bouffant Bun can also be seen in Mad Men, the TV series. The hairdo consisted of tall and teased hair, with volume at the top. The top layer would be combed to smoothen it up. Simply roll the hair using Velcro rollers and finish with hairspray.

Feathered Hair from the 1970s

The 70s were defined by this beachy-blonde, feathered hairstyle sported by Farrah Fawcett in Charlie’s Angels. Feathered and teased hair of this era is back in a big way because they provide volume for those undergoing hair loss treatment. Blow dry your hair away from the face, using a round brush. Part in the middle.

The Pixie Cut from the second half of the 70s

Back in the 70s, Rosemary’s Baby actress Mia Farrow rocked the pixie cut with her doe-eyed expression and delicate features. Miley Cyrus’s version of the style, backed by punk-style dark roots, has brought the vintage look back. For a unique look, have the same length on the sides and the top. The pixie also suits someone undergoing oily scalp treatment.

If you are still not confident about a hairstyle you would really want to try, visit a hair salon. The problem could be brittle hair or hair loss. The DSR Program from PHS Hairscience infuses life into your hair and scalp and must be tried at least once.