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    woman with coloured hair

    Hair Treatment Tips After Bleaching, Highlights Or Balayage

    Having a good scalp and hair care routine after hair colouring and bleaching is important to maintain the health of your hair after an intensive chemical hair treatment. Here are 5 ways you can care for your beautiful coloured hair after stepping out of the salon:

    How to Care for Coloured Hair After A Bleaching, Highlights or Balayage Treatment

    1. Wait at least 48 hours before you start shampooing

    Your hairstylist would probably have told you this before you left the salon. But do you know why? During the hair colouring process, our hair cuticles are opened to allow the colours to be absorbed into the hair. They then typically close within 24-48 hours, so it is important that you wait at least 48 hours before you wash your hair to prevent the colours from leaking.

    Another tip is to avoid washing your hair every day to retain the colour for a longer period of time. Water opens up the hair cuticles thus causing the colour to fade away faster.


    2. Consider a scalp treatment



    Intensive bleaching and chemical treatments can sometimes irritate and/ or injure our scalps. When this happens, you would probably want to invest in a good scalp treatment in Singapore such as PHS HAIRSCIENCE H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment. This scalp treatment combines the best of science and nature to to calm and soothe irritated scalps for immediate relief from inflammation and irritation, as well as protect it from future bacterial infections.

    As a healthy scalp is the foundation of beautiful luscious hair, you want to take care of your gorgeously coloured hair by taking good care of your scalp as well. The H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment will leave your scalp thoroughly cleansed, balanced and restore its health to the optimum state to absorb nutrients efficiently for your hair.


    3. Have a good hair treatment routine at home

    Maintain your gorgeous balayage and retain its colours for the maximum amount of time by having a good hair treatment routine at home. This starts by using the right shampoos and products for your hair. Swap out your existing shampoos and conditioners for hair products that are formulated to care for coloured hairs if you have not. PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner protect and preserve colour vibrance and intensity as they delicately cleanse and nourish hair strands.

    Make hair masks your BFF as well to repair stressed, colour-treated, or damaged hair cuticles. Depending on the quality of your hair, you can consider either using the PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV Colour Care Hair Mask or the ADV Repair Hair Mask to pamper your hair. Use it once a week and do not skip this step.


    4. Protect your hair from heat

    Heat causes our hair cuticles to open up which causes the colours to fade drastically. Also, you do not want to subject your hair to further heat damage following an intensive chemical damage. Therefore, use heat styling products, such as hair dryers and straighteners, sparingly if you can. And if you really have to, spray on leave-in heat protectant to prevent further damage and premature fading of your colours due to heat.


    5. Go for monthly touch-up and hair treatments

    Touch-ups are especially important if you do not want the obvious colour difference between your newly grown-out roots vs the rest of your hair. If you noticed that your hair had become dry and frizzy after colouring, it is best to go for a hydrating hair treatment. PHS HAIRSCIENCE Miracle Oil Treatment focuses on rehydrating parched locks without weighing hair down and without the use of harmful additives that will further damage your hair. This treatment instantly improves hair softness, smoothness and shine, leaving your coloured tresses beautiful and radiant.


    Having beautiful hair with beautiful colours requires diligent maintenance. It is not enough to only add colours to your hair without taking care of your scalp and hair health too! You do not want to have a head of frizzy and dry balayage, do you? If you have any questions or would like to find out more about how to take care of your scalp, feel free to book a free consultation with our experts to learn more about your scalp health.


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