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    woman having hair treatment in PHS HAIRSCIENCE

    This Hair Treatment for Frizzy or Dry Hair Gives It Mirror-Shine Smoothness

    For those who are currently suffering from dry hair, dry ends, damaged hair, and/ or frizzy hair, we have a fabulous piece of news to share! Introducing our newest hair treatment — the Miracle Oil Treatment, it resurrects your dry hair and gives it a mirror-shine smoothness, just like how you have always wished your hair to be.


    What is the Miracle Oil Treatment?

    PHS HAIRSCIENCE Miracle Oil Treatment is the first hair treatment in Singapore that offers complete hair resurrection from within. It makes use of the strong hydrating properties of the mysterious South African Miro plant to effectively replenish moisture and nutrients, balance water and oil, improve dryness and roughness, and restore shine in our hair! Dry, damaged, and lacklustre hair are instantly revitalised.


    phs hairscience miracle oil treatment


    What is this mysterious Miro Plant?

    Miro, also known as Resurrection Grass, is a desert plant famed for its ability to “resurrect” itself and come back to life – even when almost completely dehydrated. During extreme droughts, its branches and leaves shrink tightly into a ball, firmly locking in the last precious drops of moisture. Even after losing up to 98% of its water content, the plant can survive for decades. During the rare rainy season, glycosyl trehalose present in this resurrection plant exerts a powerful water-locking function. Greedily and steadily “grabbing” every drop of water it is able to. This life-giving water is then transported to every part of the plant, where every cell can then lock in water up to 460 times the weight of itself. The plant then comes back to life with plumped up leaves and fresh, green vitality.


    How does the PHS HAIRSCIENCE Miracle Oil Treatment Work?

    Conventional silicone-loaded hair or scalp treatments typically strip our hair of its moisture with continued long term use. For PHS HAIRSCIENCE Miracle Oil Treatment, we focus on rehydrating parched locks without weighing the hair down. The hair treatment uses the miraculous Resurrection Grass extract to create a Miracle Oil for hair to revitalise damaged hair thirsty for an intensive, nourishing boost.

    In this 90-minute hair treatment, we use a unique application method to apply the miracle oil on hair. This method maintains the efficacy of our proprietary Miracle Oil. It enhances its absorption by the hair and locking the moisture in the hair. Combined with PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s state-of-the-art equipment, one Miracle Oil Treatment will instantly leave your hair remarkably soft, shiny, and full of natural body. It is also 100% natural and silicone-free so we recommend that you use this hair treatment regularly to maintain healthy, lustrous hair.


    Who is the treatment suitable for?

    • Both men and women
    • Those with dry hair and dry ends
    • Those with frizzy hair
    • Those with damaged hair
    • Those looking for a certified and effective hair and scalp treatment or hair care


    Does it really work?

    Yes it does! Here are some positive experiences shared by our customers who had done the Miracle Oil hair treatment. Read what they have to say:

    “I could see that there was an immediate improvement in my hair after the treatment — it looked moisturised, less frizzy, shinier and even softer!” — Winky Lui

    “I am quite happy that my hair feels softer not only immediately after the treatment, but also for a while afterwards” — Khairunnisa Sarmidi Putri

    “The effects of the treatment actually lasted much longer than I had expected. I have received many compliments on how much healthier my hair looks!” — An An Ong


    Book your appointment here with us today! Or if you would like to find out more, you can book an appointment to speak with our expert hair consultants as well.


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