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    PHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ Hair spa for itchy scalps

    An itchy scalp can be particularly annoying especially if you constantly feel the urge to scratch your head even in public. When there is a rapid reproduction of yeast, the body’s inflammatory response makes the flaking and itching associated with these circumstances. Although yeast generally exists on the scalp, the problem ascends when there is too much of it present.

    The problem may then be due to using products that are infused with too much chemicals, as it causes more harm than good for your scalp. Thus, it is essential to use the correct products for your specific scalp condition.

    Even though you can try to tackle this issue by using DIY hair or scalp treatment from the comforts of your home, why not allow the experts at PHS HAIRSCIENCE® to help you instead?

    PHS HAIRSCIENCE® offers professional hair and scalp treatments that are certified by trichologists, effectively targeting each individual’s condition.

    Benefits Of Having A Hair Spa Treatment – Itchy Scalp

    • Scalp detox

    A scalp detox will help to remove buildup on your scalp which allows the following treatments to be more effective.  This is especially great for those who uses a lot of products like hair sprays and other styling products to tame and style their tresses frequently.

    To maintain a clean and fresh scalp, it’s always ideal to treat yourself to a scalp detox every now and then!

    • Eliminates dandruff

    If you suffer from dandruff or hair loss problems, be sure to treat them as quickly as possible as they may soon result in you having an itchy scalp. The aggravating factors are likely to be improper maintenance of hair, stress, climatic alterations and even the environment.

    With that many possible factors to consider, the easiest way to get rid of hair loss and dandruff problems will be to consider getting professional scalp treatments.

    • Healthy Scalp

    A scalp spa will treat and strengthen your hair follicles, allowing the roots of your hair to appear full of life.  Instead of only focusing on your hair, a healthy scalp that is in its best condition will be more likely to resolve issues like itchiness and other allergic reactions.

    • Stops scalp aging

    Did you know that your scalp ages 12 times faster that the skin on your face or body? Which is why, it is essential for you to try and tackle this issue before serious problems like hair loss happens.

    A customized anti-aging treatment provided by PHS HAIRSCIENCE® can help to delay scalp aging by supplying your hair and scalp with the necessary nutrients.

    • Staying away from mental stress

    As negative impacts like itchiness could originate from stress, you should always try and find time to take a breather and relax.

    Treatments at PHS HAIRSCIENCE® are done at spa-like facilities, helping you to unwind after a long day by relieving you from mental pressure and stress. Not only are the treatments personalized for each individual, the service provided would also be top-notch as evident by the Singapore Service Class certification that PHS HAIRSCIENCE® Labs has received.

    • Control oil secretion

    Excessive oil secretion may increase in the inflammation of hair follicles on your scalp, heightening the chances of hair loss. To maintain the oil secretion, constant maintenance will be required in order to prevent scalp issues such as itching from reoccurring. This can be done by going for treatments or by using the appropriate products. With a healthy scalp, your hair will automatically be shiny and look beautiful.

    Even if you lack the time to go for a hair or scalp spa treatment, you should certainly consider trying the products available from the PHS HAIRSCIENCE® e-store.  With the wide range of hair care products available, you will definitely be able to find products that are suitable for you, no matter your hair or scalp condition.

    Tired of having an itchy scalp? Head down to PHS HAIRSCIENCE® and try a scalp treatment!

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