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    Bad Hair Loss

    Hair Combing or Brushing Mistakes That Can Cause Hair Loss

    Hair loss can be caused by a myriad of elements including:

    • Poor diet
    • Wrong usage of hair products,
    • Stress
    • Genetics

    But did you know that combing or brushing our hair the wrong way is also a cause of hair loss? Here are 5 super damaging combing mistakes that you probably do not even know that you are making!

    Mistake #1: Combing from the scalp

    While it may seem natural to comb our hair from the scalp to the roots, this is a big no-no and a major cause of hair loss and hair thinning. Brushes and combs are designed to be used on the hair not the scalp. Combing from the scalp down may cause scratches and irritation to the scalp and impact the hair follicles negatively. It also causes breakages easily as the comb has to go through the knots and tangles to get to the roots while pulling at your hair strands and follicles giving them unnecessary stress. This can lead to hair thinning and hair loss.

    What do you do then?

    Start combing from the middle and work downwards. In this way, you are working with less surface area and thus, reducing breakage and hair fall. Only start combing from the top of your head when you have no more tangles and knots at the bottom half of your hair. The aim here is to reduce as much pulling of your hair strands from your hair follicles as possible.

    Mistake #2: Combing your hair immediately after you shower

    Our hair is at its weakest when it is wet, making it vulnerable to tangling and knotting. If you are too rough when you attempt to comb through tangled wet hair, you can pull the hair strands out of their hair follicles. This will result in temporary hair loss. Furthermore, if you do this repeatedly for a long period of time, there may be no more hair growth for the affected strands permanently.

    Fallen Hair Tangle on Comb

    What do you do then?

    Before showering, you can do a comb through for your hair to remove any knots before you wet your hair. The way you dry your hair after your shower is very crucial too. Contrary to what movies and dramas show, wrapping your wet hair in a turban can actually cause your hair to tangle and be extra knotty. The correct method to dry your hair is to pat it dry with the towel and gently squeeze out the extra moisture.

    If you unfortunately have knots and tangles in your wet hair, patience and gentleness are keys here to prevent hair thinning and hair loss. Be gentle when combing your hair, especially around the hairline. Use your fingers to run through the strands first. Separate the knots next, taking care to not pull on your hair aggressively and excessively.

    Mistake #3: Combing immediately after application of hair serum or treatment product

    The next time you go to your hair salon, make it a point to observe how your hairstylist applies the serum or treatment products on your hair. You will notice that they do not use a comb or brush to comb through the hair after application, but instead, use their fingers to spread the product through your strands.

    Woman applying serum on hair end

    Combing the hair serum or treatment product can actually damage your hair and its texture. It also makes the hair products less effective. Over time, this can lead to hair breakage and gradually, hair loss.

    Now that you are aware of the common hair combing or brushing mistakes that can cause hair loss, you can now be more mindful the next time you comb your hair, especially after a shower.

    If you are looking to remedy your current hair loss or hair thinning situations, you can consider giving these hair treatments a try! Alternatively, book an appointment for a free scalp consultation by our haircare professionals to have an in-depth understanding of your scalp health and the hair loss treatment you can go for to reduce hair fall and promote hair growth!

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