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    great hair for valentine's day

    How to Get Great Hair to Impress by Valentine’s Day

    Dressing to impress this Valentine’s Day? It doesn’t end just with putting on a stunning outfit and flawless makeup — hair is another determining factor that can make or break your whole look.

    If you want your hair to be in tip-top condition on D-day (and most other days), make sure to always give it ample care and attention. For starters, getting to know your hair and scalp type, its present condition and using the right, science-backed hair products are key to having healthy and luscious hair.

    On top of a suitable haircare regime, a trendy hairstyle will help you to top off the ultimate date-night look and give attention to that head of beautiful hair of yours.


    stylish hair even with hair loss problems

    For the Ladies

    Hair thinning and hair loss are common worries amongst many women. Depending on your hair condition, these hair problems can impact how you look, especially if you are heading out for a nice Valentine’s Day meal.

    For quick and effective results, try the award-winning FEM Fortify Shampoo – a specially-formulated cleanser for women with mild hair loss and hair thinning concerns, and for those who want to prevent premature hair loss. With active ingredients like rice stem cells, Patent 5 Complex (a proprietary blend of 5 natural botanical ingredients including angelica dahurica root), and walnut extract, FEM Fortify gently cleanses and nourishes the scalp and hair to prevent and control hair thinning – resulting in strengthened, healthy hair growth.

    The absence of chemicals like parabens, benzophenone, mineral oils and artificial colourants also means you can enjoy fuller, flowy hair and a naturally healthy scalp without worrying about other harmful long-term effects.


    Styling Tips

    With your newfound beautiful tresses, deciding on an appropriate hairstyle for the occasion and venue is the next step.

    Whether embracing hair trends like accessorising with cutesy barrettes and hair clips, turning up a slick high pony tail, or channeling a demure look with a waterfall braid, find a style that helps accentuate your facial features and make sure you are comfortable with it.

    For example, for women with higher hair lines, avoid pulling your locks into a high pony tail as this will make your hair line more prominent; instead, opt for a French roll updo or a low side bun with a side-swept fringe.


    For the Men

    Problems like hair loss, receding hair line and balding are always pressing issues for men.

    Comprising of the same active ingredients Patent 5 Complex and rice stem cells as in the ladies’ version, as well as DHT blockers, HOM Fortify Shampoo helps to energise and rehabilitate the scalp to reduce hair fall and block DHT formation around hair follicles.


    Best Shampoo for Severe Hair Loss

    If you are experiencing more severe hair loss, the FEM or HOM Thickening Shampoo is a good scalp shampoo and cleanser. Newly reformulated, the improved version contains active ingredients that now absorb better and more efficiently to nourish scalp, instead of washing away easily like conventional shampoos do. The increased concentration also serves to promote hair growth more effectively, while invigorating and densifying new hair follicles as they grow. DHT blockers are also present to help prevent hair loss.

    As always, PHS HAIRSCIENCE shampoos are designed to work synergistically for an effective, targeted double cleanse of your scalp and hair. For a thorough, rebalancing scalp cleanse and to combat hair loss while encouraging hair regrowth, alternate between FEM/HOM Fortify and FEM/HOM Thickening Shampoo, pairing either with ADV Nutrition Shampoo as the first cleanse.

    FEM/HOM Fortify Shampoo, and FEM/HOM Thickening Shampoo are available in 200ml-size on PHS HAIRSCIENCE web store, as well as official stores on Shopee, Lazada and Zalora. Use daily or pair with ADV Nutrition Shampoo for a powerful, targeted double cleanse.



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