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    Chinese New Year 2022

    How to Eat Well for Your Hair Health & Survive Lunar New Year Feasting

    It’s almost that time of the year again where family and friends gather together to celebrate – and what are Chinese New Year reunions without some feasting and drinking!


    Chinese new year pineapple tarts in jar with pineapple and basket

    Every CNY, with a seemingly-endless selection of delicacies and snacks to feast on, it is normal to feel worried about overeating and that that new age diet you had been following meticulously has taken a back seat. With CNY food typically on the oilier spectrum, we definitely need to pay more attention to our bodies and hair.

    While planning out your CNY grazing strategy, it’s also a good time to think about how you can take care of your hair health during this period, not least because you want to enter the Year of the Tiger with shiny, fabulous locks. Here are a few useful tips – with one involving the cult-favourite ADV Elixir scalp treatment from PHS HAIRSCIENCE!


    Tip #1: No Empty Stomach

    Preparing to go full-on on treats like pineapple tarts and kueh bangkit and thinking: maybe I should skip a meal so my overall food intake will be lower? This is probably one of the biggest myths of dieting.

    Do not visit a relative’s or friend’s place hungry, because when you are feeling famished it is likely you will gorge down a whole load more unhealthy snacks and end up overeating.


    Tip #2: Balance, Balance

    We are not asking you to starve and deprive yourself completely. Indulge yourself a little but try to reach for healthier alternatives, like mandarin oranges and nuts. If you don’t know yet, Mandarin oranges are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that are essential for healthy hair. Also, a balanced diet also means taking sugary drinks and alcohol in moderation.


    Tip #3: Move Your Body

    Make time for exercise. Some great ways to make sure your body gets sufficient exercise and burns off those extra calories include: planning house visiting routes that involve walking a short distance, taking the stairs instead of lifts, and playing indoor games that require movements like the Playstation.


    Tip #4: Do the Double Cleanse

    You definitely don’t want to be scratching away at an itchy scalp, be worried about flat, greasy roots or, be shedding hair all over the home you’re visiting at CNY! If you have mild scalp problems you want dealt with right away – leave dandruff behind in 2021 dust – the Double Cleanse is your answer.

    The first cleanse with ADV Nutrition Shampoo gets rid of dirt, oil and unhealthy build-up on the scalp. Choose from 14 different Targeted Shampoos for the second cleanse. This is the treatment step that introduces scalp-beneficial actives, boosts circulation and improves overall scalp health. Double Cleansing will make your hair look and feel cleaner, fresher and more full-bodied, while scalp feels comfortably refreshed and rejuvenated!

    Plus, to ensure your scalp soaks up all the rich goodness from the products you lavish on it, try giving it a pampering treatment in the form of ADV Elixir – a powerful serum that exfoliates the scalp and transform scalp health. The gentle but potent formulation is raved by beauty sites and influencers, and is the perfect antidote to any scalp troubles. Ten minutes once a week is all it takes to achieve a healthy scalp that supports the growth of luscious locks!


    ADV Elixir is now available in 30ml-size on PHS HAIRSCIENCE official stores on Shopee and Lazada. Use up to 3 times a week for normal to oily scalp, and once every 2 weeks for sensitive scalp.

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