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Don’t Let Scalp Woes Block Your #hairgoals


Why Singapore’s Award-Winning scalp treatment is what you need in 2020

Scalp Treatment

If, for the longest time, you have been plagued by embarrassing dandruff flakes, an oily scalp that leaves your hair limp and heavy with grease every day, or an increasingly dry or sensitised scalp that is so easily aggravated that you are afraid to try new products, it’s time to do yourself a favour and seek out professional hair or scalp treatments that get you results in double-quick time.

Scalp Problems

After all, it’s a brand-new year and whatever scalp problems that have been causing you grief – and preventing you from having and flaunting the soft, silky and irresistible mane that you’ve always desired – should be left in the dust.

So, forget expensive, ineffective products that keep disappointing you or, more horrifyingly, leave you feeling and looking worse than before. Scalp disorders, when left untreated, can quickly deteriorate and lead to even more alarming problems, such as inflammation, infection or even hair loss and thinning. Even a bigger no-no would be to magnify the problem by using the wrong products on an already suffering scalp. In the long run, prevention is better than cure. Plus, it is actually more prudent and less costly to simply fix the problem upfront.


Dandruff, oily scalp, dry scalpand scalp sensitivity are pretty common problems in the heat and humidity of Singapore. Scalp treatments, like our Advanced Scalp Repair Treatment series, are designed to precisely treat these moderate to severe scalp conditions, so as to help restore the scalp to a naturally healthy state, paving the way for a normalised hair growth cycle and stronger new hair growth.

Developed with Certified Trichologists, the Advanced Scalp Repair Treatment has four variants that repair, improve and control Oily Scalp, Dry Scalp, Dandruff and Scalp Acne. Formulated with high concentrations of the purest botanical essences, the treatment also repairs your hair follicles and improves the absorption of vital nutrients that support optimised hair growth and strong, shiny new hair growth.

Advance Scalp Repair Treatment

Containing no harmful additives, all it takes is 90 minutes to unclog follicle blockages, restore the scalp’s natural pH balance and leave your scalp nourished, healthier and happier. Try it for yourself to understand why our Advanced Scalp Repair Treatment has garnered awards from top media platforms like Daily Vanity, The Singapore Women’s Weekly, Beauty Insider, AugustMan, Harper’s Bazaar and Her World, year after year!