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    Delay Scalp Ageing with Proper Scalp Care

    PHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ Delay scalp aging with proper scalp care

    The scalp, like skin elsewhere on the body, undergoes ageing processes. In fact, the scalp ages up to 12 times faster than the skin on any other part of the body.

    With age, skin loses elasticity and the scalp sags as a result. Immunity also weakens and hair follicles harden, all of which causes hair growth to become finer.

    An unhealthy lifestyle, a lack of essential nutrients, poor daily hair care, irregular scalp care treatments, ignoring scalp problems for too long, exposure to the sun without preventative measures and free radical damage can all lead to the deterioration of the dermis and epidermis layers. Over time, this weakens scalp barrier functions and results in premature greying and thinning hair. Extreme and chronic stress can accelerate hair greying.

    PHS HAIRSCIENCE Age Defy Shampoo 200ml


    Ageing happens to everyone. Although it is unstoppable, it is possible to slow its progress by taking steps to properly care for the scalp. Daily proper care needs to start at a young age to prevent the greying of hair and hair loss that happens as a result of natural ageing processes.

    The AGE Defy Range is designed to delay and prevent the signs of scalp ageing by introducing powerful antioxidants to protect the scalp against free radical damage, and powerful cell signalling proteins that help to activate the cell growth cycle, thus triggering the production of melanocytes (natural pigment cells).

    The five-product range also works to strengthen hair follicles, promote scalp circulation and the delivery of vital nutrients so as to optimise natural hair growth.

    With long-term proper care and treatments, damage to the scalp can be prevented and melanin levels can be boosted, thus delaying and inhibiting the appearance of grey hair. Try the AGE Defy range today for healthy, youthful scalp and to restore shine and vitality to dull, dry hair.

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