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    Lady pampering herself with a hair treatment

    Best Luxurious Treatments for Your Hair and Scalp

    Often, you fail to realize how important your hair is, not only for your looks and self-esteem, but for your general well-being.

    Adulthood brings with itself the pressure of working hours on end, often robbing the body of rest. You do not get time or opportunity to eat and drink properly, and exercise is not even on your mind. As a result, you first suffer from apparently trivial problems like a flaky or oily scalp, which over a period of time, could transform into more serious scalp and hair conditions.

    It is essential to give your hair and scalp some special care. To best address these needs, go for hair and/or inflamed scalp treatments that are certified by trichologists, the scalp and hair experts.

    Why you should pamper your hair and scalp

    Loving and caring your hair doesn’t need any specific reason. If your hair seems fine at present, maintenance should be your objective. A restorative therapy for a scalp that overly produces oil and sebum, can keep the oil production in check, and also pave the way for healthy hair. Aside from the scalp & hair wellness benefits, hair spas also aid in your mental wellness and relaxation. In fact, de-stressing is a factor that affects your hair’s ability to grow normally and shine with all its vigor.

    PHS HAIRSCIENCE has state-of-the-art facilities and specialized therapists that combines Korean botanicals, traditional acupressure massage and relaxing technologies in all its treatments.

    How hair spa pampers hair and scalp

    It is a proven fact that such treatments improve circulation on the scalp, revive dull and lifeless hair, besides providing a deep cleanse for the scalp and its roots. While choosing a salon for a quality scalp and hair treatment, check whether it has the guidance of certified therapists and accolades from industry experts.

    PHS HAIRSCIENCE has administered over 20,000 successful hair and scalp treatments in Singapore, thanks to their unique combination of the best hair care practices of the west and the east.

    Treatments from PHS HAIRSCIENCE help restore the hair’s micro-ecosystem balance. This works well in tandem with the holistic and luxurious concept of its hair spas and salons, all situated in the heart of Singapore.

    The Award-winning 3-step DSR Program from PHS HAIRSCIENCE

    Unlike popular belief, hair re-growth cannot be achieved through shortcuts. A single treatment that promises instant remedy will only yield little or short-lived results. PHS HAIRSCIENCE offers a step-by-step hair recovery program that tackles the problems from the roots. Through its signature 3-step ­— Detox, Stabilize and Re-grow, this program is fully customized and tailored to each scalp and hair concern. Aside from hair loss, this program also addresses issues such as dandruff, Ageing or Sensitive Scalp.

    Through a scalp analysis, the professionals over at PHS HAIRSCIENCE will uncover the underlying problems and its causes. The first step of the treatment involves detoxification by removal of metabolic wastes and toxins from the dermis layer. Next, stabilizing works to heal and treat the dermis layer to optimal health. The final step is re-growth, where medicinal herbs are used to reactivate the follicles, so that healthy hair can grow.

    Book an appointment with PHS HAIRSCIENCE at 6692 0662 for a first-trial promotion today!

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