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    Benefits Of Scalp Exfoliation and Why Scalp Treatments are Important If You Want Healthy, Beautiful Hair


    Your scalp needs love too!

    Exfoliating your scalp is a crucial step in any hair care regimen. The scalp is the foundation of beautiful hair, yet many of us tend to disregard the health of our scalp.

    Just like how a dedicated daily skincare routine is essential for clear, radiant skin, regular scalp treatments and scalp exfoliation removes excess sebum and prevents follicle blockage for promoting stronger hair growth.


    What is scalp exfoliation?

    Scalp exfoliation is the process of clarifying and deep-cleansing the scalp to get rid of dead skin cells that accumulate on the scalp on a daily basis along with dirt, sweat, oil and toxins. Regular use of styling products such as hairspray and dry shampoo can also cause product residue to build up on your scalp, leading to potential congestion.

    Abrasive scalp scrubs can sometimes irritate the scalp skin. With the help of a gentle scalp exfoliating serum like ADV Elixir, dead surface skin cells that potentially cause itching or excessive oil production can be gently and thoroughly removed. This detoxifies the scalp, restores perfect scalp health and encourages strong, healthy hair growth. ADV Elixir is also a nourishing scalp primer that helps to prevent hair loss and scalp ageing.


    Benefits of exfoliating with ADV Elixir

    • Removes build-up
    • Controls oil production
    • Encourages strong hair growth
    • Promotes thick, shiny hair
    • Controls dry scalp and dandruff
    • It increases the efficacy of other hair care items



    When to go for hair scalp treatments

    Natural oils, grime, dead skin cells, and style or care products are just a few of the detritus that accumulate on the scalp. Additionally, debris and unhealthy build-up easily gets trapped in our hair, unable to shed on its own. The result is clogged scalp skin, follicle blockage, itchiness and irritation, inflammation and potential bacterial infections.

    If you are fighting severe or chronic scalp disorders like dandruff, dry scalp or sensitive scalp, consider a professional scalp treatment for timely treatment before hair loss sets in. Singapore’s PHS HAIRSCIENCE offers the H2 Advance Scalp Repair Treatment (H2 ASRT) that effectively treats scalp disorders and restores scalp health in just one session.


    How often should you exfoliate your scalp?

    ADV Elixir is a home care scalp exfoliant that can be used 1 to 3 times a week. For severe or chronic scalp problems, seek professional scalp treatments like H2 ASRT. We recommend going once every 2 weeks to a month, until the condition has been properly managed. Subsequently, you can switch to home maintenance with ADV Elixir for your regular scalp treatment!


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