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    If you’re losing hair because of your hair ties, read on!


    It’s been hot, hot, hot! Chances are high that if your hair is anywhere near long enough, you have pulled it together in a ponytail, knot or bun, just to get it out of your face. But what about when you let your hair down? If every time you pull off your hair elastic, tie or band, you are yanking out and losing hair out with it, something is wrong. You’re risking hairline thinning, for one, not to mention hair cuticle damage, breakage to your hair strands and resultant hair fall.


    Yes, it’s true. A bad hair tie can hurt your hair in more ways than one. Some hair elastics trap your hair in their fibres so that when you pull them out, your hair comes with it too. It’s worse if your hair is dry, fine, damaged or delicate, because then there’s likely to be hair breakage too, leaving behind an unruly looking mop that looks frizzy and disheveled. Some hair ties also leave creases on thick hair with natural curls or kinks – again, it happens a lot, but it shouldn’t.


    An argan oil treatment for hair can help repair some of that damage over time, but what kind of hair ties, bands or elastics should you be using to prevent all this nasty hair loss and breakage? Read on.


    1. Coil-type Hair Ties for All Hair Types (& Sensitive Scalp)

    They look like old school telephone cords, and while it appears that they might rip your hair out, coil-type hair ties are actually suitable for all hair types and textures, and are comfortable for sleeping in. They’re not likely to pull the hair, leave a crease, nor feel overly tight on the scalp – good news if you have sensitive scalp prone to irritation from the pulling. Coil-type hair ties have become popular in the last couple of years, and you can find them from a variety of brands, including Invisibobble.


    2. Basic Hair Ties for All Hair Textures

    These fuss-free, basic and affordable hair elastics are great for all hair types and textures. Whether you have thick, heavy hair or fine, fragile strands, these are going to hold your hair in place. Scünci No-Slip Grips are smooth, anti-breakage and made with a non-slip material for long-lasting hold. Also great for curly or wavy hair.


    3. Silk scrunchies for Damaged, Processed, Fragile Hair

    Scrunchies are back and this trend revival is particularly suited for those with dry, damaged locks. If your hair is fried from over-processing, it’s in a fragile state and highly prone to breakage. Silk scrunchies offer great hold and their smooth fabric finish helps to protect hair strands without furthering damage. If a poufy scrunchie is too close to the 90s for your comfort, good news: present-day versions like those from Burr Silk are sleek scrunchie-hair tie hybrids that offer comfort and style in one band.


    4. For Stress-Free, All-Day Ponytails

    Bungee hair bands or ties may be new-fangled and slightly intimidating-looking, what with the little hooks at each end, but it’s precisely because they’re open-ended that makes them so flexible. Wear them as loose or as tight as needed without damaging hair strands. Plus, you can achieve a really tight, sleek ponytail with these without that extremely tight pull that some hair ties exert on your scalp.


    If switching up hair ties is not helping with your hair fall, breakage or hair damage concerns, we recommend reaching out to our expert consultants for help and advice. Sign up for a complimentary hair & scalp analysis here today.

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