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    All You Need To Know About Hair Loss

    Hair loss can be a scary and daunting experience. It can be disheartening to look in the mirror and see that your hair is thinning and falling out. But before you get too worked up, it’s important to understand why you’re losing hair. It could be due to a variety of factors, ranging from stress and genetics to medical conditions and medications. Here are 6 common reasons why you might be losing hair:

    1. Genetics

    Unfortunately, genetics play a significant role in hair loss. If you have a family history of hair loss, then it’s likely that you’ll experience it as well. Male pattern baldness is the most common form of genetic hair loss, which is caused by an overproduction of hormones called androgens.

    2. Stress

    Stress can take a toll on your body, including your hair. When you’re under a lot of stress, your body produces an excess of a hormone called cortisol, which can cause your hair to fall out.

    3. Medications

    Certain medications, such as blood thinners, antidepressants, and birth control pills, can cause hair loss. If you’re taking any of these medications, talk to your doctor to discuss other options.

    4. Smoking

    Hair loss due to smoking is a common side effect of smoking cigarettes. Smoking can cause hair loss due to the toxins in the smoke, which can damage the hair follicles and cause them to become weak and brittle. This can lead to thinning hair, bald patches, and even complete hair loss. Smoking can also reduce the amount of oxygen and nutrients that reach the scalp, which can further weaken the hair follicles and lead to hair loss. Quitting smoking can help to reduce the risk of hair loss due to smoking, and may even help to reverse some of the damage that has already been done.

    5. Poor Diet

    A poor diet can lead to a lack of essential nutrients, such as iron and zinc, which can lead to hair loss. Be sure to eat a balanced diet to ensure that your body is getting the nutrients it needs.

    6. Hair Styling

    Hair loss due to hair styling is a common problem that many people face. It can be caused by using too much heat when styling, such as blow drying, curling, or straightening. It can also be caused by using too much product, such as hairspray, gels, and mousses. Hair loss due to styling can be prevented by using heat protectant products, avoiding tight hairstyles, and using the lowest heat setting possible when styling. Additionally, it is important to use the right products for your hair type and to avoid over-styling. Taking these steps can help to reduce the risk of hair loss due to styling.


    In order to effectively treat hair loss, it is essential to identify the underlying cause of the condition. Once the cause is determined, a treatment plan can be developed that may include hair treatments and lifestyle changes. In some cases, hair loss can be reversed with proper treatment, while in other cases, it may be necessary to manage the condition to prevent further hair loss.

    1. Blood Test

    A blood test can help to identify any underlying medical conditions that may be causing hair loss, such as anemia, thyroid problems, or hormonal imbalances.

    2. Family Medical History

    A family medical history can provide important clues about the cause of hair loss. It can help to identify any genetic conditions that may be causing the hair loss, as well as any environmental factors that may be contributing to the problem.

    3. Scalp Biopsy

    A scalp biopsy is a procedure in which a small sample of skin and hair is taken from the scalp and examined under a microscope. This can help to identify any underlying medical conditions that may be causing the hair loss, such as fungal infections or autoimmune disorders.

    4. Hair Examination

    A hair examination can help to identify any physical changes in the hair that may be causing the hair loss, such as changes in texture or color. It can also help to identify any underlying medical conditions that may be causing the hair loss, such as alopecia areata or trichotillomania.

    What Can I Do About Hair Loss?

    Knowing your scalp type and using the appropriate products and treatments is essential to avoiding hair loss. Even from a young age, hair loss can begin, so recognizing it early and beginning treatment quickly can help preserve you hair. Taking care of your scalp on a daily basis is essential to stop and manage hair loss and thinning. Our FEM and HOM Range is specially formulated with stem cell extract and patented components to successfully reduce hair loss.

    FEM Fortify Shampoo

    Fem Fortify shampoo our award-winning shampoo that energizes and rehabilitates the scalp to reduce hair fall, while providing essential nutrients and optimal health to fight hair thinning. This gentle cleanser works to strengthen and nourish hair roots, energize and rehabilitate hair and scalp, increase visible hair density, and protect the scalp with its antiinflammatory and antibacterial properties, all without stripping away the hair‘s natural moisture. It helps to prevent excessive hair fall and thinning, control hair fall and thinning, and counter the appearance of thinning hair.

    FEM Thickening Shampoo

    This product gently cleanses the hair follicles to ward off hair and scalp problems. The active components stimulate healthy hair growth, revitalize the hair roots, and thicken the new follicles to create stronger hair. Additionally, it has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties to help regenerate hair by energizing and restoring the scalp around the follicles. It has a delicate fragrance and a refreshing minty feel.

    HOM Fortify Shampoo

    Get ready to fight hair thinning and hair loss with this specially formulated scalp shampoo and cleanser for men. Our high-concentration formula energizes and rehabilitates the scalp to reduce hair fall. It also provides essential nutrients to help prevent premature hair loss and thinning concerns.

    Miracle Stem Cell Treatment

    Backed by two decades of research and development in stem cell technology by renowned Korean bio-scientists, trichologists, and dermatologists, the MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION (MSCS) has been proven to be 50% more effective in extending the hair growth period than a commonly prescribed hair loss drug, as demonstrated in independent laboratory studies. The patented Cell Signalling Technology works on a cellular level to combat natural scalp ageing and decrease hair loss and thinning. It utilizes patented SigGrow™ cell signalling technology to activate dormant and inactive follicle stem cells, aiding their self-regeneration to revive hair follicles, restore healthy hair growth cycles and promote hair regrowth. Read more about it here.

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