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    asian woman with long, healthy hair

    How to Achieve Good Hair Days, Every Day

    A good hair day certainly calls for a celebration, especially in a humid tropical climate like Singapore’s. When your hair looks and feels good, it gives you an instant confidence boost.

    The good news is, no matter your hair type or length, there are ways to give that healthy shine. Such as offering the essential nourishment. Sure, a pampering treatment at the salon may help revitalise it, but we are big believers of a simple, no-frills haircare routine too!

    A 3-step home care regimen is all you need. Specially designed and combining science-based methods. High concentrations of botanical essences and stem cell technology. The signature daily home care regimen from PHS HAIRSCIENCE helps to manage scalp ageing and other related concerns—in the comfort of your own home.

    Say goodbye to complicated routines and dull-looking tresses!


    PHS HAIRSCIENCE ADV Nutrition and Soothe range

    Step 1: Double Cleanse

    Why double cleanse? Because a daily power-cleansing routine is proven to be effective at unclogging and purifying hair follicles. Without proper cleansing, excess sebum and grime may build up over time, resulting in scalp imbalances and disorders.

    Start your double cleanse with PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s ADV Nutrition Shampoo, a shampoo packed with powerful rice stem cells and a Patent 5 Complex, for a deep cleanse that thoroughly removes unwanted sebum and dirt in your scalp.

    After this “cleansing” step, we recommend going on to the second step “correcting” with FEM Fortify Shampoo which targets hair loss or thinning problems. This “correcting” step in a double cleanse works by addressing specific concerns. This includes ageing, oily, dry scalp, and dandruff.

    PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s range of shampoos is formulated to increase the absorption of active ingredients. These active ingredients are able to penetrate the scalp without being washed away easily like regular shampoos.


    Step 2: Moisturise

    Using the right conditioner can give your scalp and hair ample moisture and protection, providing smoother and softer results.

    Suitable for all hair types, the ADV Nutrition Conditioner is an effective daily conditioner that promises luxuriously silky, vibrant, and healthy hair. With botanical stem cells as its key ingredients, ADV Nutrition Conditioner works by reconstructing hair shafts. It  reduces breakage and offering intense hydration as well.

    Apply the conditioner onto damp hair while avoiding the scalp. Leave on for 1 to 2 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. With this moisturising step, your hair cuticles are refortified with a protective layer to smoothen and soften the hair, leading to improved manageability.


    Step 3: Treat

    To ensure optimal scalp health and hair growth, finish off with a tonic that provide you with nourishment, strength and just the right amount of bounce.

    The ADV Nutrition Tonic, with its potent cocktail of plant stem cells and botanical actives, replenishes vital nutrients and rejuvenates your hair all day long.

    Some benefits of ADV Nutrition Tonic include repairing and treating hair follicles, enhanced blood circulation and strengthening of the scalp.

    Plus: Top It Off with a Luxurious Scalp Exfoliation

    While you are at it, why not take some time to indulge and pamper yourself by giving your scalp a weekly exfoliation using the award-winning ADV Elixir.

    Developed with certified trichologists and containing 70% concentration of active ingredients, ADV Elixir is a powerful scalp primer that exfoliates the scalp and unclogs follicles, priming the scalp for the absorption of essential nutrients from subsequent scalp care products.

    A weekly exfoliation is good enough for the prevention of scalp disorders and enhancing overall hair health!

    ADV Nutrition Shampoo, ADV Nutrition Conditioner, ADV Nutrition Tonic, and ADV Elixir are available on PHS HAIRSCIENCE official stores on Shopee, Lazada and Zalora. Achieve a healthy scalp and gorgeous tresses with our signature daily haircare regimen today.



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