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    Visible dandruff on a woman’s sensitive scalp

    6 Ways To Deal With Sensitive Scalp

    A sensitive scalp is often characterized by constant itching, a burning sensation, redness and pain. This condition can make your scalp feel dry and tight, and can cause discomfort and stress to the person. Some possible causes of sensitive scalp are:

    The extent of sensitivity would depend on how severe your symptoms are, which is why it is important to understand and find the root cause(s) of the scalp sensitivity and rectify the problem as soon as possible. To have a proper diagnosis of your condition, it is recommended to visit a certified trichologist and undergo proper scalp treatment before the scalp is permanently damaged.

    Leave-in product for itchy scalp relief

    Choose your hair products carefully

    People with an extremely sensitive scalp should use mild shampoos. Otherwise, the harsh ingredients can leave the scalp dry and the hair brittle by stripping it of natural oils. Avoid hair styling products that contain alcohol. Softening the water is important if you live in an area that receives hard water.

    Instead, use anti-inflammatory, moisturizing shampoos that contain fruit and root extracts to treat itchiness and irritation. One such product is the ADV Soothe Shampoo from PHS HAIRSCIENCE, which is gentle for the scalp.

    Pro Tip: Pair it with the ADV Soothe Calming Gel to reduce itching while moisturizing and strengthening the scalp’s protective barrier

    Avoid using blow dryers

    Drying thick hair especially in the winters can be challenging. It is better to air-dry your hair if you have sensitive scalp. As blow dryers give out concentrated dry heat, it can dry out the scalp, which leads to soreness and even damages to the scalp.

    Take time out to naturally dry your hair at least once a week. If you cannot totally do away with blow-drying, try partial drying.

    Soothing scalp mask for sensitive scalp

    Moisturize to avoid dryness

    More often than not, scalp sensitivity gets aggravated by lack of moisture. A dry and flaky scalp can be combated by drinking a lot of fluids and moisturizing the scalp. Along with undergoing deep conditioning regularly, you should use products that deeply moisturize the scalp too. ADV Soothe Scalp Mask contains botanicals that intensively hydrate dry, itchy scalp. Incorporate this is your weekly hair care regime for a refreshed scalp.

    Go easy with the styling

    For people with regular styling or coloring routines, it is necessary to take regular breaks to the scalp. Over time, styling treatments can lead to irritation from product buildup. Rinse your hair well after washing so as to avoid any product getting left on the scalp. The ADV Scalp Primer acts as an exfoliator for the scalp, clearing away impurities and product build-up left behind.

    Soothing home treatments to reinvigorate the scalp

    There are a number of herbs and essentials oils out there that can soothe a sensitive and undernourished scalp. Apple cider vinegar is effective for those with curly hair. Aloe vera pulp is known to soothe itchy scalps and treat burns.

    young woman receiving a hair wash

    Get scalp treatment in time

    You might not know when the damage becomes unmanageable. Sensitive scalps are prone to both frizz and dry flaking. Do not underestimate the damage by diagnosing the problem yourself and see a trichologist for proper treatment immediately.

    To tackle the problem from its roots however, seek professional treatments done from a reputable salon facility such as PHS HAIRSCIENCE who offers unique, customized scalp treatments using Korean herbs, Chinese acupuncture and the latest technologies that are clinically proven to be effective.

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