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6 Things You Need to Know About Stem Cell Treatment


Stem cells are the new frontier in the world of hair loss treatments and hair restoration, and it’s not hard to see why scientists, researchers and solution providers are so excited about it. By activating and improving stem cell performance, we are harnessing the body’s potential and reawakening its natural capacity for hair regrowth.

For the first time, there is a scientifically-backed treatment for hair loss with proven results. Here’s what you need to know about stem cell science and how the treatment works.

1. Hair follicle stem cells are the key players in the hair growth cycle.

Hair follicle stem cells go from active to dormant and active again as part of the repetitive hair growth cycle. This is what makes hair grow and fall out, then grow and fall out again, repeatedly. Discovered as recently as 50 years ago, scientists have found that hair follicle stem cells are the key players in the hair follicles’ dynamic degeneration and regeneration process. The main mission of stem cells is to regenerate hair for each new hair cycle. In order for each hair to grow, stem cells must be able to self-activate and to function properly.

2. Hair follicle stem cells are ever-present, but they need to function well for hair to grow.

Hair follicle stem cells are long-life cells, meaning they are present throughout an individual’s lifetime. As quiescent cells, they are normally in an inactive state. However, they quickly come to life when it’s time for a new hair cycle, which is when new hair growth takes place. Many factors affect how and when hair follicle stem cells rest or are activated. Sometimes, they fail to activate, and this is what leads to hair loss.

hair follicle stem cells

3. It’s not how many hair follicles you have, it’s how well the stem cells perform.

A person facing hair loss could have as many hair follicles as someone who is not experiencing hair loss. The biggest difference here is that in individuals experiencing hair loss, the hair follicle stem cells are no longer functioning as they should. Instead, they are stuck in the inactive, dormant stage.

4. When stem cells function properly, hair growth is optimised.

There are plenty of reasons why stem cells fail to activate and stop functioning properly. It could be because of wear and tear, natural ageing processes, lifestyle and other factors. When this happens, the hair follicles start to shrink, which makes it more and more difficult for new hair growth to take place. At the same time, because the stem cells are unable to trigger hair growth, hair follicle sites are left empty. The number of hairs on the head gradually reduces. The result? Hair loss and balding occurs.

Conversely, when stem cells function properly, the hair cycle is optimised. The stem cells are able to trigger follicular activity for hair growth and new hair grows normally.

5. Does stem cell hair restoration work?

Over 20 years, Korean lab bioscientists appointed by PHS HAIRSCIENCE® have done in-depth studies on stem cell functions and their cosmetic and therapeutic effects. The result of this intensive R&D is the exciting discovery of what we call Cell Signal Proteins – unique cell-to-cell cross-talking messengers proven to be critical to restoring and regenerating hair cell life.

Armed with this revolutionary cell signalling knowledge, PHS HAIRSCIENCE® has formulated a potent treatment cocktail consisting of selected essential Cell Signal Proteins. Through powerful cell signalling technology, dormant hair follicle stem cells can now be reactivated with re-kindling signals, triggering impressive restoration, repair and rejuvenation processes on a cellular level. By doing this, collagen synthesis is enabled and hair follicles are revived to support new hair growth.

hair loss process

6.Stem cell treatment to end hair loss

Based on the latest stem cell research findings, PHS HAIRSCIENCE® developed the Clinical Regenerative Programme, a holistic trinity that represents a paradigm shift in how hair loss can be treated. The three prongs of the programme are: Regenerative Therapy (MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION), Regenerative Home Care and Regenerative Nutrition Therapy.

PHS Miracle Stem Cell Treatment
MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION is the backbone of the programme. The formulation contains the highest concentration of selected essential Cell Signal Proteins. This includes cultured stem cells, cytokine, nine critical growth factors, vitamins and more than 100 active botanical ingredients.

These Cell Signal Proteins effectively awaken dormant hair follicle stem cells, so that they can regenerate by themselves during each new hair cycle. By doing this, the stem cells can produce more growth factors, which ensures optimal hair follicle renewal and ultimately, new hair growth and improved hair density.

Stem cell treatments are a game-changer for individuals troubled by hair loss. But don’t just take our word for it. Try the MIRACLE STEM CELL SOLUTION for yourself at a first-time price of $58 (U.P. $488) and see results in as little as two months. Book an appointment here.